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Why Trae Young is much more than just the ‘Next Steph Curry’

Trae Young’s name has been echoed throughout the halls of college basketball all season long and rightfully so. Averaging 27.4 points a game, he’s a human highlight reel and has been getting mad comparisons to Steph Curry.

And while his Oklahoma Sooners didn’t play too well during the later stretch of the season, they still made the Big Dance where Trae is ready to prove all of his doubters wrong.

But before Trae Young was dropping buckets all across the nation, he was just a kid from Lubbock, Texas who had a dream. Ever since Trae was a youngin’, basketball was his life. He was introduced to the game by his grandfather who taught him all the fundamentals and basics he has built upon today.

Unfortunately, Young’s grandfather passed away at an early age, but Trae plays in honor of him every time his foot touches the basketball court and he is definitely making his late grandpa proud.

Young went to Norman North high school in Norman, Oklahoma where he averaged 42.6 points per game his senior season and regularly sold out high school gymnasiums.

He has been putting up impressive numbers ever since he stepped foot on a college basketball court with the University of Oklahoma Sooners (also in Norman) and doesn’t seem to be letting off the gas any time soon.

When it comes to his mindset, he’s cool, calm, and confident. In an interview with Bleacher Report he said,

“I don’t feel pressure. I realize there’s a lot on my plate, a lot of expectations for me to come in and win and do certain things. But I’m just playing the way I always have. I mean, I’ve gotten better. But my game actually hasn’t changed much since high school. It’s just a bigger stage.”

His range and shooting ability are unmatched in the college game so much so that players all over the NBA are already starting to notice who he is.

Young has been acknowledged by none other than King LeBron James for his basketball playing ability and bright future in the league.

LeBron always has his eye on the young up and coming talent and Trae Young is definitely on his radar.

But despite all of his achievements and recognition, Young is still being doubted because of his lack of height and size. Standing at 6’2″, Trae is pretty short, even for a point guard.

During high school he went under the radar because he was in the same class as Michael Porter Jr., Marvin Bagley III, and DeAndre Ayton. All three of those guys are considered future stars in the NBA but Trae Young may be no different.

Trae has always wanted to put on for his town and made a big decision to stay home in Norman for college.

Most basketball players dream of playing at big name schools like Duke, Kentucky, and UNC, but Trae decided to take a different path and it has made all the difference.

While he’s not known for dunking the ball viciously like other players in his class, his handles are insane and he can rarely be guarded on the court. It doesn’t matter if he is double teamed, he will find a way to get the basket and get the bucket.

When asked about the Steph Curry comparisons, he likes them, but at the same time Young wants to pave his own lane in the game. He told Bleacher Report,

“I’m definitely humbled by it. But ultimately I want to be my own self. I want people to say that I’m something new, something different. Something they’ve never seen before.”

Trae has an amazing passing ability and is not afraid to share the ball when necessary. He is also absolutely lethal from three-point range and his game is only getting better. Like I said, LeBron already knows!

“Dudes Skipping Leg Day Just To Run They Mouth” @kingjames

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The stage has been set for the star point guard to show the world how talented he really is and we are sure the he will go above and beyond everyone’s expectations.

Let’s see how he performs on the biggest stage of them all but we already know he’ll be ready to show the haters why height ain’t nothing but a number.