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Why Tory Lanez’s album illustrates a failure to protect Black women

Tory Lanez and his inappropriate and corny behavior illustrates a fatal failure to protect and care for Black women.

It’s been two months since word first came out about the shooting that left Megan the Stallion hospitalized. Yesterday, in an attempt to break his silence, Tory Lanez released a new album titled DAYSTAR. The 17-track album serves as Lanez’s public response towards Megan’s allegations and his attempt to “clear his name.”

Could this be the end of Lanez career?

Historically, men in hip hop don’t suffer major career blows when they are found out to be abusers. They get the benefit of the doubt, and the airwaves hear “let’s hear his side of the story too.”

But with such an untimely and inappropriate way to release “his side of the story,” that benefit of the doubt might not be the case for Lanez.

Even with his album reaching #1 in the US on Apple Music, many entertainment blogs have announced that they will not cover Lanez or his music again. Among those are Highsnobiety and RNB_RADAR.

Lanez claims that he still loves Megan, but then why come out with the album, when he could have gone directly to Megan to talk about what happened?

From the first track, “Money over Fallouts,” Lanez alleges Megan is lying about being shot, and the details of her injuries when he says, “gotta see a couple questions: how the fuck you get shot in your foot, don’t hit no bones or tendons?” 

In a later song titled “Care for You,” Lanez raps about loving black women and securing good role models for black youth, but his actions don’t match up. His stance and response to the situation with Meg is nothing short of performative as more information comes out.

The night in question, Megan had been ready to walk home when Lanez called out to her to dance, before shooting in her direction. He then offered hush money to her and Kelsey Nicole afterwards.

The timing is also very convenient for Lanez. After waiting months to say his piece, he waits until after Times Magazine recognizes Meg as one of the most influential women

What Does It Mean To Protect Black Women

If your love for Black women comes with conditions, you may as well leave them alone now. With everything going on in the world it is extremely important that we all surround ourselves with those that truly care about us. 

The voice messages mentioned are likely a text exchange Megan mentioned during a previous live stream

How can calls of “respect Black women” exist concurrently with “we need to hear his side?” How can one simultaneously support Tory Lanez while also failing to believe, and thus protect a Black woman?

If you truly want to protect Black women, you would support efforts to deplatform Tory. Stop streaming his music, stop watching his livestreams, stop showing up for him.

If Black women are the most underprotected people in America, you cannot support Black women while simultaneously supporting their abusers. When news first came out, Megan didn’t mention the gun in the car in order to protect Tory Lanez from police violence, but as we watch things unfold, he turns to gaslighting and exploiting trauma for personal gain.

The protection and care Meg showed for you wasn’t enough for you to reciprocate Tory? You had to not apologize, question her story, AND put her in danger?