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Why the hate? Bhad Bhabie’s $900,000 makeup deal draws criticism

It’s official, the Bhad Bhabie joke has now spiraled into a multi-million dollar teenager with no manners.

What once was a foul-mouthed 13-year-old from Boynton Beach, Florida back-talking her mom on Dr. Phil, thanks to the internet, Bhad Bhabie evolved from a meme, into a song, and then into a rap star.

Now, according to a report TMZ published Wednesday morning (Jan. 16), she just inked a $900,000 endorsement deal with CopyCat Beauty and people are big mad about it.

As of right now, the deal is for six months but has an option to extend for another three years if all goes well. Bhad Bhabie, whose government name is Danielle Bregoli, will also get a percentage of the company’s sales, and there is even potential for her own line in the future.

Honestly, good for her. To be 15 and landing deals of that magnitude means someone is doing something right, regardless if you fancy her music or not.

However, the deal put salt in a lot of people’s wounds; especially women of color who’ve been in the beauty industry for years. It doesn’t help that she carries this embellished cringe-worthy persona that imitates the negative stereotypes of black culture.

It’s what always made the 15 rapper hard to embrace. Although our fault ultimately, the fact that a white girl who’s disrespect to her mom and poor impressions of black culture got her catapulted into stardom is a tough pill to swallow. 

Just last week, Bhad Bhabie dropped a snippet of her song titled “Babyface Savage” with Tory Lanez which went viral on Twitter but didn’t truly get a warm response until it was later revealed that the song, like most of her songs, was written by Brittany B, a songwriter from Compton, CA.

You can’t quite put your finger on it but it feels right, and you feel less guilty listening to it when it turns out that the type of music Danielle Bregoli makes actually comes from a black woman, and that’s probably because that’s what Bregoli tries to sell.

On one hand, you want to be angry at her, but on the other, it’s not her fault. Someone’s buying her records.

Since signing to Atlantic, Bregoli has scored over 70 million plays on YouTube and has over 40 million streams on Spotify. She was even nominated at the 2018 American Music Awards for Top Female Rap artist.

Whether anyone likes it or not, it appears that Bhad Bhabie is going to get her coins regardless. Hating on her success at this point would be wasted energy.  From Rich the Kid and Kodak Black to Tory Lanez, the rappers have already cosigned her and she’s a young person getting money. Let her eat.

Those who can last in the industry do and those who fail at career longevity don’t. So, what will be the fall of the 15-year-old girl from Flordia who wants to make it in the rap game?

Next time we’ll be more careful about the internet memes we gas up; because, as we can see, they can turn into the next rap star.