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Why that ‘link in bio’ is helping creators drive more clicks

#YKTV — Hit that link in bio for more info… A phrase we commonly see in creators’ social media post captions to drive more clicks on their work.

Now more than ever, creatives need a virtual networking platform. The good news is all of the sites focused on getting creators more clicks have a free capability as well.

Whether you’re into photography, dancing, filmmaking, art, podcasting, rapping, singing, or producing, all of these, link in bio sites, have the capability of showcasing your talent to the world.  

Linktree simply drives more clicks for creators #NOCAP

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Linktree PRO is here for all your aesthetic choices.

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Described as a “launchpad for your latest” Linktree is used by celebrities, news outlets, professional athletes, and creatives large and small.

It’s been featured in Forbes and for a good reason. Compatible with any social media platform, use Linktree as a landing spot to connect creators’ pages so they don’t miss a click. helps creators network better than ever

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Similar to Linktree, you might know of Carrd from the widely spread minimalistic information sites about issues in the world and Black Lives Matter widely spread on social media this year.

It was launched and created by one man in 2016. Carrd gets its title from being a kind of ‘virtual business card.’ Described as “simple, responsive, one-page sites for just about anything,” it’s streamlined, free, and relatively easy to use.

Some of its features are a countdown timer, sign-up pages, and image galleries. You can use it to link to other pages like social media, your blog, or your online shop.

Bandcamp puts it on for music artists

Like Datpiff for veterans of the independent music scene, Bandcamp is a website where musicians can post their releases for purchase (or free download) online.

Since its birth in 2007, it’s done a lot to help artists. In the last month, the website has gotten artists $13.5 million in the past month. New York Times called it “one of the greatest underground-culture bazaars of our time.

It’s also pretty customizable, so artists can make their profile landing pages match their aesthetic. Bandcamp even curates editorial content so they make sure there’s something to please all ears.

INPRNT blesses creators with artistic portfolios online

Do you have those friends that keep pestering you to paint something for them? Well now your connections all over the world can have gallery-quality prints of your work.

INPRNT also offers art cards, giclee, canvas, acrylic, and framed prints, depending on your customers’ budget. Just upload images of your artwork and INPRNT will handle the rest.

Launched in 2006, INPRNT is also connected to a community of artists and publishes fresh editorial content to highlight different creators. It particularly highlights those talented in digital art.

Etsy pushes creators to flip that work

The phrase “if you can dream it up, it’s probably on Etsy,” perfectly describes Etsy’s hosting capabilities.

The brand was born in 20015, and it starts with simple e-commerce. Creators upload photos of their products, choose the prices, and pack and ship once a purchase is made. Additionally, creators can post that link in bio on their social media pages.

It can be a little daunting – there are over 45 million items to compete with on the platform – but the beauty is that it has a space for all kinds of products, from handmade butt plugs to taxidermied bar-fighting mice.

Whatever your product is, it’s likely to find a happy home on Etsy. One small caveat – it comes with a few fees, but they only add up to about a few cents depending on the price of your item.

Vimeo keeps creators more than entertained

We know – you might think of Vimeo as YouTube’s less popular cousin, but the beauty of it is that it doesn’t come with the toxic problematic influencer community that YouTube does.

Vimeo claims to be “the world’s leading professional video platform,” and actually started one year before YouTube in 2014.

It’s got a robust creator studio that allows for easy video customization. It even allows monetization. The platform is free, but for $1 a subscriber, you can teach classes from yoga to calculus or stream concerts or your church service. You can also check out the Vimeo Festival and Awards.

There the platform showcases curated videos from brand stories, animation, comedy, drama, travel, documentary and artistic experimental.

Patreon helps creators’ loyal fans really tap in

For those of you who already have a loyal fanbase, Patreon should be on your radar. Relatively new, the brand started in 2013. It’s best for hosting your content exclusively through a paid monthly membership.

It allows different content for different tiers of membership. Lots of creators not only use the platform to drive more clicks but they also use it to give fans a behind-the-scenes look at the creative process.

All while allowing that income to offer security.

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