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Why Shia? LaBeouf goes on racist, expletive-filled rant after being arrested

Shia LaBeouf is going to need more than the Autobots to climb out this drunken hole.

Late Saturday night, the Transformers star got bagged for public drunkenness, disorderly conduct, and obstruction in Savannah, Ga.

Why Shia? You couldn’t just chill in the crib?

According to Shia and police reports, the actor got a little bit out of hand when he asked a group of people for a cigarette and started cursing in front of women and children.

Body cam footage shows the 31-year-old exiting his hotel through the lobby in handcuffs. During the arrest, Shia yells multiple profanities, complains about how tight his handcuffs are, and wonders why he’s being arrested.

What a look.

Once the “He Will Not Divide Us” activist pulled up to the precinct he caught up with some more cops. Body cam footage also shows Shia threatening to bite one of their noses off, challenging the same one to square up, screeching about how tight the cuffs were, and asking why he was in custody.

What’s the best part? Shia looks at one of the cops and says,

“Oooh, I would just eat you dawg. You’re a fucking whore, 1950s Norman Rockwell America, it’s called white picket fence and fuck you!”

Shout out to TMZ.

Wait, there’s more. Shia caught up with a Black police officer who he was not too happy to see. Labeouf basically told the cop that he was going to hell because he is Black.

It seems the Man Down actor had a chock-full of expletives for a white cop too. He violated this poor man as Shia suggested that the cop’s wife watches Xvideos (!) and that she prefers Black guys because he doesn’t have all the goods. Peep the rant below.

Then, Shia took to Twitter and apologized for his actions and explained that his sobriety has been an issue.

Welp. We all hope you get the help you need, Shia. We don’t need any more drunken outbursts, DWIs, or racist behavior.

Some words for the wise, don’t get lost in the sauce man.