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Why Playboi Carti breaking his silence means a lot more in 2020

As we transition from the early stages of a very long winter into the promising taste of spring, we’re feening for some music that captures the energy we need. The energy we feel, but don’t know how to release yet.

Enter Playboi Carti, our favorite mumble rapper, and summertime banger producer. Carti’s carefree attitude enables us to be our best selves, our least restrictive selves. And especially after this haunting Winter and Spring, we need that untroubled vitality in our lives.

Uzi’s Eternal Atake helped carry us through the rough months, now Carti can you pull up to give us newfound life and optimism? We need you dog.

Carti hinted on his Twitter yesterday at some new music dropping. Steer the ship fam, and lead us in the direction of salvation.

In addition to Carti’s immeasurable success on tracks, comes his enigmatic life outside of the studio. This mystery makes him even more enticing as an artist, as a beacon of hope for the young generation leaning away from conventionality and how “music is supposed to be made.”

As we wait on new music from Carti, we did all we could do for now: review his old work. Revel in the brilliance of his lines, in the soothing melodies of his tracks.

In addition to the brazeness of his plethora of singles and mixtapes, Carti’s two albums, released in back-to-back years, gave us so much heat it’s hard not to stan.

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Playboi Carti, Carti’s first studio album, starts off with Location, a delicate song that feels like it should play the moment you wake up in the morning and see the sun peak through your window.

Of course, then we get Magnolia, probably the most famous track on the album.

In New York I Milly Rock,” Carti declares, inspiring countless dance videos and memes like Tobey Maguire’s Spiderman stunting through the city streets with Carti playing in his ears.

And then, as we’re settling into the album, sitting back and nudging our friend on how hot its start is, we get back-to-back songs with Uzi. These two collaborating is enough to make you thank the heavens.

Forreal though, “Lookin” and “Wokeuplikethis*” showcase Uzi and Carti in their best lights.

“I’m a rockstar,” Uzi beams.

In fact, Carti and Uzi are both rockstars, separate from all other artists and genres even. Their collaborations always hit with a certain intensity; they are two artists with completely unique sounds and personas. Hopefully, we’ll see more of it in the near future.

There are a collection of other bangers on this album, like “Dothatshit!,” “Yah Mean” and “Kelly K.” Realistically, the entire album is Charizard level heat.

Then in 2018, Carti popped out with Die Lit, a summer album in every sense.

“Woke up with my toolie what it do?

Meet me in the alley with the troops,” Carti sings.

This is the quintessential summertime album. Positivity, unabashed confidence, an unworried attitude. In addition to the aforementioned Shoota, the album gives us bangers in “Right Now,” “Fell in Luv” ft. Bryson Tiller, “Mileage” ft. the great Chief Keef, and my personal favorite “No Time” ft. Gunna.

Lest we forget the album has an intro that could make a thug cry.

These tracks echo with upbeat flavors and dance-inspiring melodies. It’s g-note lowkey hard to listen to this music and not tap your feet like a groovy goat or imagine yourself skipping down the street like a mischievous leprechaun.

Carti’s music allows, nah, encourages one to close their eyes and feel, rather than search for meaning. There is an intrepid mystique to Carti’s music and an intrinsic nature of life to his tracks.

Of course beyond Carti’s (real name Jordan Terrell Carter) albums there are hits scattered across all platforms. Oh and his endless list of features from Solange to Lana Del Rey. Songs like “Lost,” “Hit A Lick,” “Don’t Worry” (ft. Wiz Khalifa) are all brimming with new sounds and moods.

“Can’t worry about dis. Can’t worry about me,” Carti raps on the latter.

It’s coming up on two years since Die Lit. What better time than now, when people are stuck at home, but warm weather is coming, to release an album that encapsulates our frustration and our yearning to express, to dance, to #rage.

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What better time than Summer 2020 to release an album that will shout throughout history, that will echo throughout eternity? Every artist wants to be the defining artist of a decade, of a generation.

It is the first year of a new decade, a fresh start that has started off about as horrid as anyone could have imagined. Yeah, even Steven King or Ari Aster and their twisted, yet brilliant, minds.

Carti’s gearing up for something, it’s apparent. Especially with his latest drop.

He has the defining sound to represent a generation, in many ways, this is what he has already done? But one more timeless album would etch Carti’s name in music royalty.

We can’t wait to see what it is. For now, check out our mixtape full of hot mash-ups, and dope tracks from Carti’s catalog.