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Why NBA 2K20 and UnitedMasters is a good look for artists and gamers

NBA 2K is already an industry leader in the gaming community for influencing and representing aspects of basketball and general American culture.

Now, the company is doubling-down on its vision, partnering with UnitedMasters, a music industry alternative for independent artists looking to distribute their music and market themselves.

2K will feature new artists of their choosing, creating a fluid and dope environment for new sounds, rhythms, and possibilities for talented artists to get their names out there. I can’t be the only one that always looks up songs from video games.

Ronnie Singh, the marketing director at 2K, posted on his Instagram that artists can submit their music for entry into the NBA 2K20 Soundtrack now on the United Masters app.


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You can’t front, when you’re in the loading screen for 2K, picking your team, ready to talk trash and dunk on your opponent’s head, you’re either bumping OD or thinking “wtf is this nonsense.”

Yes, 2K, we remember you guys putting in Macklemore.

Now, 2K has the chance to swap in and out new hot music that people may have not heard before. SoundCloud has shown us how hard new artists can hit, and it has also shown us how quickly music can grow stale (when lame people start listening and making videos).

2K gives itself the opportunity here to be ahead of the curve in the gaming industry, while also becoming a platform to put new, talented musicians on.

UnitedMasters was founded by Steve Stoute in 2017. The company lets users distribute music anywhere, anytime, through its app, and users always keep 100 percent ownership of their music.

2K is going to be awesome, especially after all the movement around the NBA over the offseason. The Nets, Jazz, and Rockets just got more fun. The Clippers are going to be a powerhouse and the Lakers with LeBron and AD? Crazy.

New poppin’ music can only up the ante on the success this game will generate. It’s an exciting time in the gaming and basketball industry.