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Why Manna Vitamins pushes for ensured vitamin efficiency

Ensured vitamin efficiency comes down to a vitamin’s ability to be absorbed into our bloodstreams and Manna Vitamins is doing just that. When we pop a few vitamins as part of our daily health routine, we usually don’t think too long and hard about it.

We imagine that the vitamins are doing exactly what the vitamins’ bottle claims that it does: delivering us the nutrients we need to supplement our current diets or make sure we’re getting more of what our bodies are missing.

And yet, on closer look, it appears that there may be a bit of a placebo effect going on for some popular vitamins that we find in stores. Why? Not all vitamins are actually as efficient as we’ve trusted them to be. 

A vitamin’s efficiency comes down to its ability to be absorbed into our bloodstreams. This sounds standard and fairly straightforward, but a certain set of circumstances must “go right” in order for this to happen.

The vitamins must be prepared and manufactured in a way that ensures that the nutrients make it through the digestive stage and then deploy once they’ve arrived in the individual’s bloodstream.

And, as we’re coming to learn, this isn’t the case for all vitamins. In fact, a very slim percentage of vitamins available to consumers have taken absorption into consideration.

Manna Vitamins for Liposomal Delivery

Manna Vitamins are addressing the vitamin inefficiency process head-on through the way that vitamins are manufactured. All of their nutrients are packaged into what’s called ‘liposomes’ for liposomal delivery.

This makes them up to 500% more effective than any store-bought vitamins because this liposomal material is made of the same material as the body’s cells. 

As a result, the cells take on the nutrients more easily and readily, because it recognizes the liposome surrounding as ‘its own.’

With a growing focus on health, immunity, and wellness, it’s more important than ever to ensure that when we’re taking vitamins, we are absorbing all of the nutrients.

After all, the more nutrients that are absorbed, the more benefits the body will reap. If the nutrients are not delivered to the bloodstream, it becomes almost unnecessary to take the vitamins.

How Liposomal Delivery Works

Liposomal delivery works by helping to deliver the nutrients through the body’s digestive system and into the small intestine. That ensures that more of the nutrients are available for absorption.

Alternatively, store-bought or typical vitamins tend to be ineffective because they’re digested too quickly. When this digestive breakdown happens because the vitamins are water-soluble, the nutrients never actually make it to the bloodstream.

Vitamins must make it to the bloodstream in order to be effective and give the body the nutrients it needs. Manna Vitamins also know how to ‘activate’ the efficiency of certain vitamins through their manufacturing process. 

“Many don’t know this, but Vitamin C should ideally be broken down in the small intestine, and needs to be broken down alongside other proteins to be effective at all,” explained Jeff Hill, the co-founder of Manna.

“Liposomal delivery works as an expedited delivery to the small intestine, so that the breakdown of nutrients can begin and work efficiently.” Manna Vitamins has already had verifiable success in peer-reviewed studies.

Specifically, oxidative stress (which refers to the presence of damaging free radicals in a person’s bloodstream), was significantly lower in the group that took Vitamin C through liposomal delivery as opposed to those who took a placebo vitamin.

This has serious ramifications for health and immunity.

The push for ensured vitamin efficiency

Manna has expanded beyond Vitamin C to offer other vitamins, minerals, and supplements such as Magnesium for brain health, curcumin for anti-inflammatory measures, COQ10 for immunity and heart health, Vitamin B12, Vitamin D3 + K2, Zinc, Sleep Complex, and Immune+.

All of Manna’s products are non-GMO, gluten-free, sugar free, and soy free with no artificial fillers, and have been researched in depth to ensure potency, purity, and composition of all of the nutrients (this purity is critically important when they can be absorbed in the way that liposomal delivery ensures).

Chiefly, Manna is ensuring vitamin efficiency and nutrient absorption through their prioritization of this liposomal delivery. Many who take Manna notice results in just a few days because of the rapid nature of the absorption.

This is what separates them from all other vitamins on the market today, posing the question, “Why should you take vitamins unless you know they’ll be delivered to your bloodstream?”

As science has caught up to ensure efficiency in the measures we take for health, Manna is on the cutting edge, studying vitamin efficiency in-depth and delivering it to its customers.