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Why King Saladeen’s extraordinary journey is motivating us to create

King Saladeen is no stranger to the Kulture Hub family. The contemporary West Philly-based artist has been on our radar for some time.

Our link ups with Saladeen have left us with fire interviews, exclusive access to his studio, and even a figurine of JP the Money Bear- a trademark of King Saladeen’s brand

While JP the Money Bear captures King Saladeen’s identity as a brand, similar to Nike’s “Swoosh,” it’s the artist’s journey of overcoming life’s trials and tribulations that are the truest form of his brand identity.

Never giving in to life’s adversities, King Saladeen has found his own formula or rather keys to success over the years. Although it’s been a tough road, the contemporary artist is committed to the grind. 

He has to stay motivated and his art seems to be the guiding force. Keeping a narrow vision and honing in on his strengths has placed Saladeen where he deserves to be.

So, there have to be some gems he’s picked up along the way. Of course, there are and as well as we know Saladeen he’s dishing out wisdom like candy.

If he has the keys to motivate himself to continue creating his highly sought-after artwork, then we guess it would be smart to listen in. These major keys can be adopted by anyone looking to keep the grind going. That is if you’re really about this life.

The king has spoken! Check out King Saladeen’s keys to the kingdom. These five (5) simple but major keys are: finding your support system; finding your purpose; never forgetting where you’re from; grinding for yourself; always standing out. 

Rather than going off on each of them, we’ll let the king himself do the honors. Tap into the video above to see why King Saladeen’s journey motivates us all to create in some way or another.