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Why it’s time Barstool Sports’ Dave Portnoy finally gets the hands

Cancel Barstool Sports.

For close to two decades the sports and pop culture blog has flooded our feeds with straight caca content.

Content that always had a touch of sexism. Content that was ratchet and unnecessary. And content that, in the midst of adversity, renders pointless.

Now the skeletons are coming out of the closet. Cancel Barstool Sports.

This is a company that has been called out for normalizing rape culture. They’ve even made headlines for their “Blackout Parties” that were criticized for promoting excessive and underage drinking.

And today, they’ve dropped a podcast spelling out the most racist word known to man. Titled N.I.G.G.E.R (Now It’s Gonna Get Extremely Real) the platform has taken it way too far during a time where Black lives are seen as unimportant.

Even if the podcast is a parody or a collective of Black and Brown Barstool employees discussing the viral videos of the company’s founder Dave Portnoy using the N-word, this is just in bad taste.

And from a content perspective, they’re just trying to keep Barstool Sports on the front page. Cancel Barstool Sports.

Barstool has always approached with little care. Misogyny, racism, and reckless behavior; behavior that warrants no respect or forgiveness at this current time.

Or any time, really. But at least now the average American has woken the f*** up.

Dave Portnoy walks his smug, hateful self around, spewing nasty rhetoric and dangerous remarks. Even claiming he is “un-cancellable.”

“They’ve been trying to cancel me for two decades — I’m uncancellable…”

It must be easy to be that emboldened when you run a site geared towards fratboys and ignorance. Who laugh every nasty thing you say or do off like the titular character in a Druski video.

May we rejoice in the fact that Portnoy and the rest of Barstool are finally catching heat for their reckless behavior.

Sure often they have funny videos and glamorous content. Rarer than most sites and fairer in originality, of course, but the average fan of Barstool can be forgiven. Or could.

The line has been drawn, and the evidence is presented. Barstool operates under bigotry, misogyny, and racism.

Cancel culture is a problem in treating illicit or questionable acts all as one. Just like anything, there is a spectrum to wrongdoing, to bad behavior, and to patterns of such.

It’s been a long decade of Barstool having its reign. And most of us were tricked by the flashing lights and obscene college content. But the media site’s recent actions prove that some people genuinely don’t care.

With great pride comes a great fall, Portnoy.