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Why it’s a wrap now that the iPhone X wants to steal ya ugly ass face

In lieu of dropping a new series of iProducts yesterday, Apple might be the biggest snitch of the century. Out of all the products released by the $750 billion company at the #AppleEvent the most hot boy unveiled was their iPhone X.

The new iPhone X has features unlike any other iPhone before it.

Apple CEO Tim Cook called it “the biggest leap forward since the original iPhone.”

Do you see the difference? Nah? Let me put you on.

The iPhone X is all screen with a Super Retina HD display, an A11 bionic chip, has 12MP wide-angle and telephoto cameras, 4K video recording, has a 7MP true depth camera, and includes wireless charging.

So why is the iPhone X so hot boy? Notice that there is no home button.

Apple has gotten rid of the home button and has replaced the oh so suspect fingerprint ID technology with facial recognition.

Face ID maps the unique geometry of each and every one of iPhone X users’ faces. The depth-sensing technology allows users to authenticate their phone and use Apply Pay by just looking at the phone.

FOH. Apple trying to steal your face.

While people are going crazy about the new #iPhoneX and all its new functions, the government is going crazy about how easy it will be to track you now! How you ask? The #iPhone has a new feature in it called #FacialRecognition that takes live images of your face and stitches it together in milliseconds. It has the capability to decipher changes to your face like when you shave, get a haircut, grow your beard out, wear new glasses, get a new hairstyle or cut, have a new scar and even natural aging! Oh, it’s not an option to turn it off. It’s a security function built right into the phone meaning everytime you look at your phone, it records your face, the background where you’re at and your geo location! Sooo, you get to pay a whopping $1,149 to be tracked for the rest of your life! You’ve been warned. #ChristiansWakeUp #deception #lies #wakeup #cellphone #government #tracking #system #noprivacy #iPhone10

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One of the first times we saw facial recognition was when Snapchat used the technology to amuse its 166 million daily users.

Yes, the puppy ears that attach to your big dome piece when you look into the Snapchat filter is face recognition technology.

This raised eyebrows as many took to social media addressing the elephant in the room – could this be a way to create a database of people’s faces?

Another question, is this safer privacy technology? Maybe not.

Face ID is at a very young technological stage and still has many kinks. Apple says like the Touch ID, the Face ID, won’t go to the cloud and the data stays on the phone and will be very hard to access. Peep it here in the iOS 10 security agreement (Page 7).

But, we’ve all heard that before.

Remember when the FBI wanted encrypted information off of Syed Rizwan Farook’s iPhone? He was one of the shooters in the San Bernardino terrorist attack. Apple refused to give up the encrypted information.

Yeah, OK!

Although Apple tried to stop the FBI (HAHA) they couldn’t protect shit. The Justice Dept. said they had, “now successfully accessed the data.”  Peep the three-page court filing here.

Beyond the FBI trying to nab your mug, the Face ID technology also gives way for all kinds of criminals and nosy partners. The phone unlocks as long as your eyes are open.

Imagine someone finds out you have this iPhone X (it is worth $1000) kicks your ass and uses your ugly ass face to unlock the phone. Sick!

What if you sleep with your eyes slightly open? BAE can easily peep everything!

Peep the easy access

How I’m finna flex when I’m with my girl

Realistically, this is how it’s really gonna be.

It’s a dub for her taking selfies on my phone too.

Be smart y’all. Lowkey, we all know that the corporations and the government walk hand in hand.

For the win! 🙃 #doh #apple #iphonex #faceID #truth #bigbrother #LOL #nerdboner #geek

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UPDATE: The iPhone X face ID doesn’t work on twins