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Why is Will Smith not black enough to play Richard Williams in new bio-pic?

In another episode of Twitter claps back, critics are “tiggidy tight” about Will Smith accepting the role of Richard Williams in a new biopic titled King Richard.

The amazing cinematic story to be told will be centered around the upbringing of two of the world’s greatest tennis legends, Venus and Serena Williams.

This is all great news, right?

That’s what we thought but although the Oscar-nominated “Bad Boy for Life” and his acting talents seem like the perfect fit for the role many have pointed out that an actor with a darker complexion should’ve been selected to act the role of Richard Williams.

The colorism backlash ensued after Deadline reported that Smith is poised to play the role of perhaps the most legendary pops of all time. Soon after Twitter fingers started smashing buttons in hopes that someone, somewhere out there might care.

Yes, the correct representation of skin color is of high importance in Hollywood, especially during these times of racial sensitivity but could people be focusing too much on the negative?

Like Smith is still black and just because he’s not of a darker complexion are we forgetting that he is one of the most fire actors to touch the game regardless if his skin tone is mocha, cocoa, espresso or sand.

Smith’s role in the Pursuit of Happiness was based on the story of Chris Gardner who was also of a darker complexion and we didn’t say anything then so, why does Smith playing Richard Williams matter now?

Additionally, Chadwick Boseman played the role of Thurgood Marshall in the recent biopic, why didn’t Twitter clap back at the fact that Boseman wasn’t light enough?

At this point, the statement ‘Will Smith is not Black enough’ is just ridiculous. Still, for many this incidence of “colorism” still touched a nerve and maybe there needs to be a deeper investigation about how hard it actually might be for actors and actresses of a darker skin tone to snag leading roles.

All things considered, it’s good to have an opinion and pick up on colorism when it’s obvious but it’s important that we don’t get over the fact A BLACK FATHER IS BEING GLORIFIED IN HOLLYWOOD!

That in itself is a feat. Regardless if a Will Smith, an Idris Elba, or a Mahershala Ali were considered for the role of Richard Williams in King Richard it’s still a big win for us in the end.