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Why is everyone on YouTube apologizing? And who really means it?

The home to just about every video you can find. A place where you just need one more and the start to the most recent trend YouTube apology videos.

In fact, so many YouTubers/digital influencers have been creating some (rather terrible) apologies, YouTube has now turned this into its own genre.

Here we’ll take a look at those who’ve apologized on the platform.

Summer McKeen – The victim apology

Summer McKeen, a popular YouTuber has faced backlash over her racist remarks. In an apology video (that has since been taken down), she claims she recognizes she has white privilege.

She even plans to talk about “important topics.”

Her life is just “too hard” but she is grateful everyone has brought her actions to her attention. She just can’t understand how “people can have exceptions to love” and she’s super sincere, like “from the bottom of my heart” sincere.

James Charles – The terrible acting apology

James Charles, one of Instagram and YouTube’s most well-known influencers. He is best known for his makeup brand and makeup videos on YouTube.

In his heavily edited apology video, he apologizes for his actions against another YouTuber, Tati Westbrook. While the issue of the video is not as drastic as many others, the reason why this video stands up in the midst of horrible apology videos is the terrible acting.

People have since then put up reviews of his YouTube video, criticizing his insincerity. Or creating their own versions of his apology video, such as the one below, edited to show only his awkward pausing.

Laura Lee – The fake crying apology

Viewers called out popular YouTuber Laura Lee on several occasions over her liking racist tweets. In her video, she states that filming her apology was one of the “hardest things I’ve ever had to do” although the viewers think watching her try to cry was probably harder for her.

She has since then removed the video from her YouTube channel. But the damage has already been done.

Jenna Marbles – The sincere apology

Perhaps one of the most actual sincere YouTube apology videos is from Jenna Marbles. She has canceled herself and decided to back away from YouTube.

Marbles apologized for many videos that she had produced in 2011 and 2012 when she first started the channel- including blackface and racist remarks against East Asians.

She has taken these videos off her channel for years now, in response to criticism and genuine personal growth. Despite her vigilance on regularly removing negative content from her past, Jenna has still decided to come out to apologize for her hurtful actions.

Many consider her a great role model for many YouTubers as she is self-aware of her mistakes and actively shows herself trying to make a difference.

However, many Jenna fans and other viewers are unhappy with her exit.

Others applauded the sincerity of her apology while also making it clear that it’s not up to the white community to accept it or forgive Marbles.

And other Twitter users emphasize that Jenna Marbles’ growth is visible to the communities she hurt in the past.

Being a YouTuber that publicizes their life can seem to be more harmful than helpful, with so many people apologizing for their actions.

However, one thing seems to stand out despite it all- sincerity and growth is everything both on and offline.

So if you’re more worried about getting canceled than you are about your actual behavior, do us a favor and don’t even bother apologizing.

Talking to you Shane Dawson.