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Why did one content project manager follow her heart?

Creatives run the world… and content project manager Earica Parrish knows this.

What better way to understand how to move than to study movements of “the culture?” Of course, action and persona must be put into play but before you make your move, study the routine. Know all of the intricacies and fine arts associated with your field and go full force.

There is no better proponent of individual activation than Earica Parrish. Parrish recently earned her Master of Arts from the Savannah College of Art and Design in creative business leadership.

This hybrid program imparted wisdom about business concepts, insights, marketing plans, business plans, etc. She now holds the position, Content Project Manager at the NVE Experience Agency.

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“I was able to marry my degrees with creative elements such as design thinking and innovation so that I can then bring these learnings into the real world to help businesses and brands.”

– Earica R. Parrish, Content Project Manager at NVE Experience Agency

We gathered around the virtual campfire to share some soulful sips of the wholesome serenity and endless knowledge courtesy of EP.

Know your role and play it…

Kulture Hub: How do you provide clear, authentic, and honest messaging?

Earica Parrish: It’s all about making sure I’m aligned with the goals and objectives and understanding the intent.

KH: What are some best strategies or best practices for creativity?

EP: Learn both the analytical and creative side of everything. Understand how each platform is performing and what types of content resonates with your target audience.

Be mindful of the content you are producing and be adaptable to the algorithm. Also, maintain a healthy balance between organic content and staying on-trend. That way, you can optimize the best results out of your content.

Content management in a nutshell: polish, package and repurpose with intent

KH: What are some X factor approaches? What has been your favorite campaign thus far?

EP: It really just starts with learning what makes you stand out. What’s going to differentiate you is your experience, passions, values, and the way you present your products and services to the market. So it’s the analytical side, the creative, and the human element.

“Whatever industry that you’re in, it is very important to be knowledgeable and adaptable..”

– Earica R. Parrish, Content Project Manager at NVE Experience Agency

One of my favorite projects is my most recent one with the NBA. I am a Content Project Manager and we brought in creators from all types of industries as the intent behind the campaign was to bring in people who will usher in a new audience for the NBA.

We had two weeks of programming and brought in over 14 creators to create the ultimate NBA House experience in LA. 

Making the sacrifice to live a compassionate life

KH: How have you abandoned traditional perspective approaches?

EP: My career trajectory is not traditional by any means. Your path is your path. You cannot let outside influences dictate how you’re supposed to move about your own space.

Most of my employment experiences have been strictly black businesses. It’s just owning your journey, not being ashamed of where you started from, and taking control. 

“Your path is your path…”

Earica R. Parrish, Content Project Manager at NVE Experience Agency
KH: Any advice for creatives and what we can look forward to from you next?

EP: Before you seek anything external, find what you’re truly passionate about. We have to maneuver away from the status quo. You have to look inward and find what’s true to you.

“You are unique and you have everything that you need.”

– Earica R. Parrish, Content Project Manager at NVE Experience Agency

I just want to impart on all creatives, stay consistent and persistent. Do not let outsiders tell you what to do or make you feel crazy for breaking away from the traditional standards.