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Why David Beckham is teaming up with LeBron and UNINTERRUPTED

Bend it like Beckham. Or probably more accurately, be a boss like Beckham.

UK soccer legend David Beckham is launching his own media company called Studio 99. Studio 99 plans to develop documentaries, TV shows, and other media, and the company has recently partnered with UNINTERRUPTED, a media company started by LeBron James and Maverick Carter in 2014.

Studio 99’s mission is along the same lines of UNINTERRUPTED, so it is no surprise as to why the two celebrity-athletes in Beckham and James linked up.

Studio 99 and UNINTERRUPTED are co-producing a documentary about Inter Miami CF, a Major League Soccer expansion team that began playing in the major league in the 2020 season and of which Beckham is co-owner.

David Beckham is well known for his soccer skills, his pop icon wife, and yes, his dashingly good looks. Beckham was as big of a soccer star as they came in the late ’90s and early 2000s, even inspiring the aforementioned movie, Bend It Like Beckham.

The Brit played the majority of his soccer career for Manchester United and Real Madrid.

Studio 99 also looks to develop other documentaries in different sports stories, fashion, and travel, some of which will feature the UK soccer star. The company is currently based in London alongside David Beckham Ventures.

In its brief history, UNINTERRUPTED has shown itself to be a company prided on athlete-empowerment and authenticity. The premise of the company is to give athletes and others a platform to speak up on issues of their liking, which not long ago, they didn’t really have.

With this partnership, Studio 99 gets a blueprint of how to create quality projects and content. Judging by their Instagram stories, Beckham and James are both stoked for this collaboration.

Beckham retired from professional soccer in 2013, with tears in his eyes because of how much he loved the game.

Not to say he wasn’t involved with outside projects during his playing career, but now Beckham is fully on the business side of things. James has shown that he can manage his superstar play on the court, while also lending a helping hand in his projects off the court.

Both Beckham and James are in a stage of life where they are focused on more than just sports. This partnership illustrates their respect for one another.