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Why a group of NFL players are investing in this 12-year-old girl’s company

What were you doing when you were 12? I’ll tell you what I was doing: jack shit.

However, 12-year-old Mikaila Ulmer of Houston is making a splash in the business world.

According to the Houston Chronicle, a group of 10 NFL player investors, led by the recently retired Arian Foster, is funding Ulmer’s Me & The Bees lemonade brand.

With a homemade recipe given to Mikaila by her grandmother, the company’s mission is to put money and awareness towards preserving bees, which are low key going extinct.

She appeared on Good Morning America when she was just 11 and was already clearly more focused than your average child.

But just how much capital is she reeling in?

How sick would you be if I told you that she’s already raised $810,000 in investments for her company? What if I told you that she just partnered with Whole Foods for an $11 million deal?

Well, as sick as you are, you should also be inspired. Foster spoke about his business partner at an event in Texas recently saying,

“She’s so humble. You always have to be open and willing to learn, and she is. I’m learning from her, too. It’s a cycle. You have to keep an open mind and continue to grow.”

After appearing on Shark Tank, Mikaila has gotten a lot of amazing press and support from her community. First starting with Texans players, other investors now include Seahawks linebacker Bobby Wagner and Lions safety Glover Quinn.

Just goes to show you, it doesn’t matter how old you are to get your success going. If you have the fire product and vision, anything is possible. Foster continued,

“We look for companies that match our main focus of developing a good product, but are also good people and do it for the right reasons. It’s more than about money to us. We believe that investing in small black businesses is extremely important.”

Shoutout young Mikaila making moves!