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Why 2019 is the year you’ll remember ATL’s UnoTheActivist

Straight from the ATL, UnoTheActivist is racking up numbers just like his hometown. 

Although most would consider him a rapper — the artist likes to venture into auto-tune every now and then. But despite all this, UnoTheActivist doesn’t want his listeners to get lost in the sauce. 

In fact, he makes it very clear in his interviews that his style is untitled. At most UnoTheActivist considers himself a visionary. 

While he is certain that music will always remain with him, UnoTheActivist says that he won’t be rapping forever. The artist might drop an album with live instruments, sing or even rap at times, but it’s just to take people into his world.

Moving forward, he plans on being a CEO. His goal is to become a mogul. A legendary story if you will.

Without delay, UnoTheActivist began rapping as a hobby with his cousin Playboi Carti in high school. The 2015 style he carried wasn’t him, to say the least, but as the artist got older he discovered his versatile ways — steering clear from “bubblegum rap.”

After graduating he decided to go to college but UnoTheActivist decided to put his focus fully into music instead, releasing his first mixtape No More Thotties and then his single on Soundcloud  “Parkin’ Lot Pimpin.”

Eventually, 40oz featured the single on his HNHH playlist. After that, the blessings began to unfold. 

UnoTheActivist’s moniker comes from his birth order and happy-go-lucky attitude. “Uno” came into existence because he is his father’s first born and “The Activist” signifies the message he seeks to give fans.

According to UnoTheActivist, positivity is the key element. In the same way, listeners can expect his exploit of ‘trap’ to be comparative. As Ërykah Badu would say in reference to her song “Bag Lady” — it packs light. 

Yet at times UnoTheActivist proves that not everything is all sunshine and rainbows.  Even so, UnoTheActivist’s discography garners attention. You really see his artistic growth in each album.


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It’s like seeing a rare Pokémon 👨🏿‍🎤 S/O @faunifigueroa for bringing me out. DIG!!

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His first EP No More Thotties is like Mortal Kombat meets trap. Uno locked, re-loaded, and packed his first tape with Migos-like flows, clever punchlines, metaphors, and solid verses. Essentially the EP speaks on his drip, noncommitment to women, leeriness and his experience when sippin’ lean.

To the tee, No More Thotties uses the famous gun and cash register effect, heavy, dark 808’s and futuristic synthesizers. As an example, the fourth track, “Plenty [Clout]” leaves room for Uno to use each theme at once.

“Pull up to the trap with a trash bag for the gas boy/Bougie bitch, but you know I’m finna smash hoe/Two door whip with my 40 on the dash/Niggas playing, get to spraying, get to blasting/Now his momma praying cause her son just had pass/Watchu saying, I’m the man with the xan/Niggas plotting, niggas watching.”

Fast forward to 2017, and UnoTheActivist shifts his perspective in Live.Shyne.Die — keeping the focus on lyricism, positivity and transparent 808’s. But in spite of this, UnoTheActivist still speaks on similar topics as No More Thotties but he’s not the same as before.

A bit more humbled —  the star says in the third track “Check it Out,”

“Oh let’s get its / oh let’s get it / I used to be serving the midget / now I be serving the pigeons / my Bitches birds / all of them flock like a pigeons / all of this water , it’s Money I’m in / really I’m swimmin.”

He even brought in Kodie Shane, Trippie Redd, Famous Dex, and Lil Durk on the project in order to get messages further across.

Limbus Part 1 and Limbus Part 2 are his most recent albums. Though the names would hint that they’re a continuum, their production gives off another idea but regardless the whole thing slaps!

Just like heaven vs. hell, Limbus Part 1 is hell — gloomy and daunting. While Limbus Part 2 is heaven — ethereal and cheerful. Their common ground seems to be the theme UnoTheActivist sticks to — women, swagger and separating the real from the fake.

Said best in his song “Cloned Existence,”

“Yung Shyne, can’t forget the young baby/Walk inside the club, I won’t forget my gun, nah/Now I’m the hottest there right under the sun/Lord he blessing me, I hope I don’t blast nothin’, yeah/They asked me when I got so cheap/I said I made so much money want to keep it all for me, I’m sorry/Like I’m Gleesh, leave your ass deceased/My pockets got a disease, it’s called obesity, dig.” 

Still, the newly aged 23-year-old has an excuse so you can’t give him a hard time. He’s young and will live it as such!

At an all-time high, he managed to release two new singles over the course of six days! “Show Stopper” presumes how he’s the man of the hour. “Ooh feelin like Pac, I put my wrist up and then they all stop. Your diamonds are hoax, I got the Draco infused wit’ the Glock.” While “WAYDT” is in unison.

“Makin’ my wrist froze, I had to throw on ice, ooh/Put Chanel on your hoe out of spite/Girl, I won’t tell if you don’t do him right/This what we doin’ today.”

Simply put, UnoTheActivist can integrate different genres and topics into his music. It gives him leverage to connect with any age group. He may not be Young Thug or Lil Wayne but one thing is for certain, he is “the only positive ni–a in the trap.”

Stay on the lookout for the visuals for his latest track “Glad You’re Back (Ashanti).” Uno is looking to drop that soon, fam.


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DUE TO THE FACT ITS OTW!! DIG! Glad You’re Back (Ashanti)

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