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Who you got? A list of Trump-supporting rappers we’ll still low-key bump

As the election results continue to roll in – and hopefully all get counted – we are stressed to know that our playlists may have been infiltrated by open Trump-supporting rappers.

This may be conflicting to particular groups who listen to hip-hop, in where half of the content is about living a life only 1% of people can relate to, usually.

But now that Election Day has come and went, and the future is still uncertain. Is your favorite rapper conflicting his or her pockets with the pockets of their fan base? Hip Hop has historically been an art for those that have been oppressed by societal influences.

Reason be told, the main thing about MAGA aficionados and Trump-supporting rappers is their concern about higher taxes on richer individuals.

Trump has handed out a tax cut to top millionaires and fortune 500 companies, back in 2018, that’s not including the rest of America.

Now, the Trump-supporting rappers and other celebs are concerned about Biden’s proposed 60% wealth tax of over $400,000 or more in areas like New York City, California, and New Jersey.

election rappers

Economically, this can be beneficial down the line to uplift communities through funding for projects. Communities in which a lot of these Trump-supporting rappers come from.

But ironically these rappers – who may have handed out a few thousand dollars to the homeless and people in need, and even given select kids the money for college – are not main providers for community programs that change the dynamic for the people living there.

Now that you know a little bit about why, let’s find out who.

With a roster of rappers who continue to support Black culture and hip-hop culture and those who support Trump and a considerably hollow agenda, we are drafting rappers that represent our cultural views – more or less. And those who may be clout chasing in the process of chasing paper, are likely chasing “fools gold,” according to John Legend.

John Legend made things clear at a performance in support of the Biden and Harris campaign. He said, “Now, some people see the meanness, the bullying, the selfishness of Donald Trump and they mistake it for strength, a kind of twisted masculinity…”

“Some see his greed and they mistake it for being good at business. […] Some of your former favorite rappers have been taken in by these lies.” 

John Legend

Legend went on to say, “But Trump’s Platinum Plan for Black folks is nothing but fool’s gold – because you can’t bank on a word he says […] Ask the students of Trump University. Ask all of the contractors he stiffed. Ask people his charity was supposed to help before it was shut down for being a fraud.”

He continued, “Ask all the Black and Brown Americans who are dying from this virus and losing their jobs under his watch.”

Trump-supporting rappers we need to stop playing, #NoCap

Our top draft picks

50 Cent
trump supporting rapper 50 Cent
50 Cent

Has always been an antagonist of hip hop culture. And as a rapper we accepted it. But when that mentality transfer over to the presidential office, it’s rather unacceptable.

But 50 has been giving us too many clues on the Trump topic. After Biden’s tax plan came out, 50 made his vote a little more clearer.

Fivio Foreign
election rapper Fivio
Fivio Foreign

A specially designed MAGA hat appeared in Fivio Foreigns ”Big Drip” video and has claimed the “it’s hip-hop” to wear one. He followed up by saying “I ain’t going against Trump.” We could question his idea of their asking, ‘Is he going against us, though?’

Kanye West
Trump supporting rapper Kanye West
Kanye West

Ye’ is the most notable of all Trump-supporting rappers, making his way to the white in all-time meme fashion – a red hat with hip hop slanted brim. He has seen the light and has changed his position since.

He has plans for sustainable fashion and communities of his own.  West also ran for the presidency in this 2020 election receiving roughly 60,000 votes.

Waka Flocka Flame
waka flocka
Waka Flocka Flame

Waka has subtly, but openly expressed his support for the MAGA Jesus with “guess I’m a clown.” This was a comment in response to a piece of footage shared on Instagram where a user commented “Its people who really think Trump is a better President.”

Safe to assume Waka does as well.

Ice Cube

Ice Cube

Ice Cube has been approached by both parties in efforts to get him on the campaign trail. Ice Cube has responded to Trump -support allegations and his plan for a “Contract with Black America” in a conversation he had with CNN anchor, Chris Cuomo. Cube says,

“I didn’t run to go work with any campaign. Both campaigns contacted me. Both campaigns wanted to talk to me about the Contract with Black America.” 

Cube explains the two campaigns contacting him saying, ‘We love what you have, but let’s really dig into after the election.” While the other says, “We love what you have, do you mind talking to us about it?”

He continues,

“I’m not playing no more of these political games, we’re not part of a team … so I’m going to whoever’s in power and I’m going to speak to them about ‘our’ problems, specifically. I’m not going in there talking about minorities, I’m not going in there talking about people of color or diversity or none of that stuff. I’m going there for Black Americans, the ones who are descendants of slaves.”

Trump-supporting rappers MAGA can keep

The unsigned draft picks

Lil Wayne
lil wayne supporting trump
Lil Wayne Meets and Pledges His Support for Trump

Has recently been photographed with Trump, and failed to acknowledge the BLM in a television interview in 2016. Oddly enough, Lil Wayne happens to be a Black American living in America and didn’t know – or claimed to – of the most prominent Black organization in America today.

Lil Pump
little pimp rapper
Lil Punp is great on stage by President Trump

Lil Pump went on to join Trump at one of his rallies on election day to endorse him. Lil Pump has been posting Pro-Trump images for a week now. 

BlocBoy JB
BlocBoy JB
BlocBoy JB

“I’m Starting To Like Trump No Cap. Dude Ass To Gangsta,” BlobBoy said in a tweet on March 20 of this year.

He goes in with a follow-up, “Trump Might Would Got My Vote If I Wasn A Felon.” Regardless if he is capping himself, this has real-world power from his platform.

Asian Doll

Asian Doll has no filter on her reason as she claims Trump is “giving out a lot of money right now.” She goes on,

“I get my money a different way, and a lot of the people I’m around get they money a different way.”

But what about the 99% of society who get it only one way? Who’s giving them a lot of money right now?

6ix9ine trump-supporting rapper
Tekashi 6ix9ine

Has made claim to have no issues with Trump and recalls how people have compared him to the 45th president. In an interview with The New York Times on September 2, 6ix9ine said “I would vote for Trump.”

Look out for this article on PAGE magazine.