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Who is Yung Pinch? The laid back Cali rapper bringing beach town vibes

Yung Pinch is a rapper on the rise from Huntington Beach, California.

His songs have chill laid-back surfer vibe reminiscent of the beach town he hails from. As for his rap name, that was a real nickname he got when he was a freshman in high school.

He would always hang around seniors and he would smoke with them and because his hands were so small he would pinch the blunt so they all decided to call him Yung Pinch and the name stuck.

Originally, he hated the name but as he grew older the name grew onto to him until he finally accepted it.

Huntington Beach is not a place where you think a rapper would come from but Yung Pinch beat the odds and is one of the first rappers from their representing his city.

He earliest hits were over a year ago reaching up to 10 million views on YouTube.

The Cali rapper started playing drums at a very young age and that’s how he started gravitating to music. The first band that he listened to was the Red Hot Chili Peppers. He also used to skate and surf when he was younger.

While his music is very melodic and happy like everyone else, he’s had his trials and tribulations.

Before Yung Pinch was born, both of his parents were heavy drug users so he has always lived with grandparents and he was raised by them. His grandmother was a nurse and he had to work 12-hour shifts.

His grandfather died when he was eleven so he was forced to be the man of the house at a young age. His death led him to him to start smoking weed after he found out that his grandpa also smoked. In an interview he said,

“My grandpa’s death heavily affected me and my grandma heavily to the point where we had to move houses because the memories were too painful.”

Despite losing the father figure in his life, he pushed through and began to focus on music a lot more.

He started listening to hip-hop in the 8th grade and he began freestyling not long after. At the time he was listening to a lot of East Coast music and Like Wu-Tang, Nas, and other legends and it shows in his freestyles that he would release on his SoundCloud.

Compared to the slow melodic sound that he has now, his music taste and sound have completely evolved from back then. When he was a freshman, he started changing his musical tastes and that what has led to him finding his sound: chill beach town vibes.

His music has been making waves early he was invited by Blackbear to go on tour and they even remixed the California rappers most popular song “rock with us” which came out dope.

He was recently on tour with Bay Area rapper G-Eazy in Europe and he has been absorbing advice from everyone he has built a relationship with the industry.

He has a good head on his shoulders and his work is very consistent constantly dropping music every Friday which has garnered him a large and loyal fanbase.

Listen to his latest project 4EVERFRIDAY SZN ONE here: