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Who is Wrinkles? NYC’s favorite Duck on the Gram

Wrinkle the Duck

New York City is home to so many adorable Instagram famous pets that are cats and dogs, however, Wrinkles the Duck sets herself apart from the whiskers and paws with bills and feathers.

Barely even a year old Wrinkles capture the hearts of everyone she meets. Her wings aren’t the only feature that makes this heartwarming bird unique from your typical household NYC pet.

Raised by two circus performers Joyce and Justin, Wrinkles lives a unique life, charming people in person and online. Wrinkles herself can even juggle, much like her owners.

Her Instagram account, seducktive, is filled with exciting adventures that bring joy to your feed. Even saying her name puts a smile on your face.

“When she was little she really liked wrinkles, little folds in the fabric and everything like that, she would constantly investigate and try to them, so we just called her wrinkle eater,” said Justin. “Then we started traveling around then it was like a Wrinkle in time.”

Wrinkles the Duck is a Princess

Wrinkles was hatched a male and biologically has male features, however, she is referred to with she/her pronouns.

It’s difficult to determine the biological sex of a duck until 6 months after they were hatch. Female and male ducks quack differently, but when Justin and Joyce had to register Wrinkles as an emotional support animal, they registered her as a girl.

“All the signs pointed to female, she always given feminine vibes she’s our little princess,” said Justin. “She can be whatever she wants to be”. 

While she loves people and the attention, ducks are still a little socially awkward. That’s not stopping Wrinkles though, she’s making friends across all species of life.

In a community as large as NYC, Wrinkles isn’t the only Duck in town. Her owners are even taking her on little outings and duck dates where she meets other ducks. 

Wrinkles’ Dorothy shoes

“We met different animals she met a bunny, she met a pig and goose,” said Joyce. “We’re still trying to let her meet a couple ducks more regularly and see if we can bring her to the next level of relationship”

Wrinkles made headlines as an emotional support duck, following runners through the finish line in the 2021 NYC marathon in her signature red shoes.

Her shoes are beyond a fashion statement, they’re made of neoprene, the same material used in manufacturing wetsuits for scuba divers. These eye-catching shoes provide Wrinkles protection and prevent bumble-foot common with duck. 

“The red shoes become her signature thing, but she has a whole different pairs of different shoes that we made a bunch of different colors and stuff,” said Justin. “So when she wears a different color people seem to notice”. 

“We try to match it with different events we’re going…”

The NYC Marathon wasn’t the finish line for Wrinkle’s public appearance. This feathered guest of honor has appeared in many different locations such as Tiffany’s, Sloomoo, and other distinguished events.

Her adventures continue on Instagram, making friends and living her best life with her caring owners. 

“When you look at her you just feel better already, it’s impossible to look at her and not smile and feel good,” said Justin and Joyce.

“She always has these little smiles and she always makes us feel great, it’s hard sad or in a bad mood having her around.”