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Who is Tekashi69? The Brooklyn rapper paving his own lane in the game

Update: Tekashi is going to prison for a MINUTE.

How many rappers do you know with rainbow colored hair?

Maybe just some southern rappers but it looks like New York got its own. Meet Daniel Hernandez, aka Tekashi69, New York’s future rapper, born and raised in Brooklyn.

At age 21 he’s been a pretty successful rapper, going on tour recently in Europe. Tekashi69 is trying to be different than most rappers out here. He’s tattooed the number 69 over 200 times all over his body. Oh, and he’s not a SoundCloud rapper either, he simply made music and was published by a Slovakian label, “FCK Them,” who put his music out on YouTube.

Some of these videos even snagged up over 2 million views, with his video for “GUMMO” reaching almost 12 million, Tekashi69 ain’t playing.

This rapper is far from the ordinary.

He claims that name brands don’t matter and you wouldn’t catch him wearing expensive name brands. He spoke in an interview with Adam22 of No Jumper saying,

“Now I got money f*** am I buying that if I couldn’t afford it back then why am I buying it now?”

With a genre that revolves around money, women, and a luxurious lifestyle Tekashi69 is setting a new precedent. It’s refreshing seeing someone who’s isn’t letting money get to their head.

Tekashi69 looks and sounds different, his experiences have shaped how the young artist creates.

Growing up he had a tough childhood and his father was murdered when Tekashi was in 8th grade. That year he would just black out in rage and stopped attending school after getting expelled. He had a few jobs here and there up until he started his rapping.

He doesn’t have a label, company, or anyone he works for. He produces and creates all of his own music and videos. One of his first videos that got him recognized was “69,” which is definitely a graphic video.

He has worked alongside Bodega Bamz, Trippie Redd, Famous Dex, and is part of crew called ScumGang69. His rap has a lot of screaming and strong metal tone to it, you can say it is similar to XXXTENTACION.

His style in rap and the way he dresses and looks definitely are eye catching and will immediately beg more questions as to who Tekashi69 is. He has popped up more than once on my Instagram feed and had me interested in finding out more.

He’s one rapper that seems to keep it real. Tekashi has come out and spoken about his past and how it has brought him to be who he is now. He supports the youth and encourages them to pursue their dreams and goals. He has posted about giving away money and taking one lucky winner on a shopping spree for school supplies.

Tekashi definitely flaunts the fact that he has money now but seems to still be trying to help others who were in his situation growing up.

One video that has being going around Facebook is Tekashi69 at a school speaking to a group of students and providing the school with money for snacks and school trips.

He has made it clear he would much rather spend his money on people who need it, rather than on luxuries.

Back in August of 2017, however there were allegations of him having relations with a minor. Due to such allegations, Trippie Redd decided to cut ties with Tekashi69 claiming he does not support pedophiles.

A snapchat video of Tekashi69 saying, “I’m such a happy rapist” also was leaked. His management has spoken out saying it was a misunderstanding on his Snapchat and they deny all allegations.

While these allegations have brought a lot of negative attention to him as well, this has not stopped Tekashi69 from making some wild videos and music.

Tekashi69 is definitely an artist to look out for, we’re waiting to see what he’ll be coming out with next.

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