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Who is Sonindigo? The melancholic BK artist on the come up

Sonindigo is a Brooklyn artist whose music styling takes a melancholic approach to contemporary R&B, pop, metal, and rap.

Although his lyrics display emotional vulnerability, Sonindigo brings on the sunshine with strong-willed affirmations.

The versatile musician emphasizes that he doesn’t need anyone, displaying his no-nonsense attitude through melodic sweeps, auto-croon, and relentless rhymes.


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His songs often explore the pros and cons of love but are slathered with independence. Ultimately, Sonindigo’s music plucks at heartstrings,” I tend to hit the emotions of the human soul and create concepts within all my music,” he said.

“I don’t like to make music that doesn’t have a meaning.”

On the whole, Sonindigo’s palette is compared to the likes of XXXTentacion, Trippie Redd, Tory Lanez, Roddy Rich, and Nas, to name a few.

Production-wise, Sonindigo blends spacey backdrops with booming 808s. All of his songs sound entirely different from the last. One moment he’ll be signing and harmonizing. Then the next, he’ll be raging or spitting rhymes.

“Music is a frequency.”


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Sonindigo added, “Some people tune in, and others can’t because they’re not able to reach that type of frequency. Music is a way to numb my depression and helps me to overcome my anxiety. I love sharing a piece of my energy with the world.”

Sonindigo’s moniker derives from him binge-watching a lot of Japanese anime. In Japanese, “son” translates to boy or son. And “indigo” is the color of the aura he feels that he gives off.

Sonindigo also means ‘indigo child,’ a new age concept, which is believed to possess special, unusual, and supernatural traits or abilities.


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The artist prepares for his songs by feeling out the beat, “If I’m not moving in the first 15 seconds, it’s a lost cause.” He continued, “if I like it, I’ll go into the booth and freestyle melodies until I find the best one and punch in every bar or so. It’s like making a puzzle.”

Sonindigo also adds that his voice serves as a strength in music, “If I want you to be sad, you’ll hear the sadness in my voice. And if I want you to turn up, you’ll hear the joy.”

Speaking of which, Sonindigo says his favorite song to record was “Ride or Die.” At the time, Sonindigo was in his feelings, so he felt his soul blend with the song.

Out of all the elements in “Ride Or Die,” Sonindigo enjoyed making the hook because he was able to switch between “if I drive off this bridge, is it suicide?” and “if I drive off this bridge, is it homicide?”

When you listen to the song, you understand that being in a relationship can come with issues and problems. The end is never what you think it’s going to be. When you listen to his music, you can be anywhere. Sonindigo resonates with everyone.

Moving forward, Sonindigo will be going to Los Angeles to finish a collaborative project with DAYYTONA FOX. He hopes to find inspiration by the trip and enjoy the scenery.

Sonindigo’s “Neglect” is considerably a love song. In this song, Sonindigo uses auto-croon over a steady bassline, xylophone, and piano riffs.

Likewise, the artist expresses himself over a spacey, playful backdrop. Throughout the track, his range sours over the beat and finds him in a confusing state of mind. “Neglect,” however, can be taken as a love song as well.

He says in a non-stop cadence, “and you lied straight to my face and I won’t forget/Said that you love the way you fade away. Then you feel away, you go away/Please don’t come back today cause I won’t forget.”

Amid “Neglect,” Sonindigo puts pain into his words so they are felt more than heard. He makes sure that his lyrics tell others that as much as you can love someone, you can hate them too.

“Ride Or Die” uses spacey arrangements, a thumping 808, and xylophone progression. His lyrics display honesty to the tee and question one’s loyalty towards him.


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One line that stands out, in particular, is “break my heart, it’s okay I don’t have a soul.” But aside from this, “Ride Or Die” possesses a catchy hook and often refers to love. Closing off is a faded violin chord.

As mentioned earlier, the chorus switches up between “if I drive off this bridge, is it suicide?” and “if I drive off this bridge, is it homicide?”

Then, “Can You Rap Like Me?” sees Sonindigo testing his rhyming skills. According to the comment section, he snapped. One comment even goes to say #BringIndigoBack.


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Reeling in at 1 minute, “Can You Rap Like Me” speaks on how his life has improved for the better. Through a steady flow, Sonindigo calls one’s bluff and swerves clout chasers. One notable line from “Can You Rap Like Me?” says “All the shit I been through can put me on, David Letterman.”

Like “Can You Rap Like Me?” Sonindigo’s “#XXXTribute” sheds light on Sonindigo’s rapping style. He uses XXXTentacion’s “infinity 888” for the beat selection and calls out the bluff of those who swear their competition.

Likewise, Sonindigo adds the spook by saying he’s about that action and doesn’t flap at the lip. He endorses all the smoke, and even says “You better watch your mouth before I clean it with soap.”

As the track moves forward, you’ll see Sonindigo testing the delivery of XXXTentacion’s. One moment his flow is steady but after a while, he opts for a fast-paced flow that’s hard to keep up with. By the end of “#XXXTribute,” listeners can hear a short monologue.

Last but not least, “SSB222” sees Sonindigo on his worst behavior. Over a booming 808 and subtle hi-hats, Sonindigo displays a care-free state of mind.

Ultimately Sonindigo goes in with each bar, showing others that he’s far from a sucker. One line that stands out from the rest says, “See an op, I don’t duck.” Given this point, “SSB222” proves that Sonindigo is unafraid of anything or anyone.


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