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Who is Shiggy? The IG comedian responsible for Drake’s latest #1 single

Just a couple of days ago, amongst the wealth of singles on Drake’s latest album Scorpion that saw streaming success, a bounce joint on the B-side, “In My Feelings,” charted at #1 on US Apple Music.

While this is nothing new to October’s very own —  I mean, he’s passed Michael Jackson for most Billboard 100 placements among male solo artists.

He does this in his sleep — this song, in particular, came with some assistance: one internet comedian that goes by the name of Shiggy.

#DoTheShiggy 😭 Tears Of Joy Right Now Honestly I Cant Even Explain How Happy I Am @imbrownskinn Thanks For Catching This Moment.. I’m Really On The News Wowwww @news12bk #QGTM .. I Was Always Somebody That Was Misunderstood Growing And Still Am Today But The Beauty About Dancing Is That No One Has To Understand And That’s Ok .. Thank You Everybody Who Supports Me On The Daily And A Special S/O To My Friends And Family Who Always Keep Me Going From The Beginning @gunner875 @shi_dahurt @therealjayblakk @quick__hny @money_ovafame @__thatguymike @jyoubadd 💜 @rell_sings @herownboss_ @s_akay427 @el.jiggavel @_vampirelife @omarlondon @obj @kingdavyjones @lifeofjaquan_ @situatedlife @_richito_ And So Many More 🙏 @champagnepapi

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Founder of The Shiggy Show, Shiggy, has been doing acts on the streets of NYC for a while now.

He’s known for his rants that usually end with drooling on himself and his carefree infectious dancing. He even has a Stephen A. Smith impersonation that received props from the ESPN talking head himself.

Here goes @theshiggyshow again! Haaaaaa!!!!!!

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Last week on his platform of 1.2 million Instagram followers he decided to show his affection for Drake’s “In My Feelings,” posting a video dancing a short yet routine that started a viral sensation that is now called #DoTheShiggy.

New York Giants wide receiver Odell Beckham Jr. might have been the first to try the dance, but shortly after it seemed like everyone couldn’t find a car to jump out of fast enough.

News stations, celebrities, and aunties alike all got in on the action, opening everyone’s eyes to how much of a bop the tune is.

Internet comedians have been relevant and have been impacting culture now more than ever. BET even had a Social Awards this past February honoring online’s most influential.

Shiggy is the latest example of how you can leverage the internet from the comfort of your own home.

Like Fat Boy SSE, Jess Hilarious, DC Young Fly and others, he made the content he loves and, in this case, managed to find larger success because of it.

So, next time you see everyone doing a silly dance and when you realize Drake’s “In My Feelings” is inescapable, know it’s all due to Shiggy. He’s no one-trick-pony either. Shiggy is straight up hilarious and has skits/jokes for days! Keep grinding, Shig.

Update: You already know Drake had to put Shiggy in the “In My Feelings” video!