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Who is SABA? The Chicago rapper who pivoted out of the whisper scene

The real question is – who is Saba? If you don’t know, then this article probably isn’t for you. HA! Just kidding, but seriously…please reconsider what music you’re listening to.

Here’s the breakdown: Saba is a preacher, not a rapper. He is a teacher on his way to teach a nation about the intricate details of his own life while fluidly incorporating jazzy beats to deliver his message in a way that entices you to listen. Think of a hypothetical version of Chance that chose a different path after Acid Rap. 

Now for all of you reading this saying, “CHANCE!?!?” The answer is yes. Chance. But aside from this analogy, Saba has no place being in the shadow of another behemoth of a force in rap; it was merely a comparison of someone that you’d definitely know.

Saba came out of the underground in Chi-town, gracefully etching his name into the whisper scene. What is the whisper scene, you ask?

It’s the foundation of all artists who are about to “blow the fuck up.” It’s the period of time where all aspects of the artists sound like their own…where they have grown from a mosh posh of the past and starts to develop a clear future. It’s the point that they are whispered about in rap circles all over the US. The point before the whispers become YELLS!!!

Yeah, the guy is really that good. If you haven’t listened to any of his albums or projects, you should probably begin with The Bucket List Project.

This is probably his most easily digestible for people who want to get a good grip on his past while still being able to feel the present scene of music. Once you’ve graduated from this phase and start to develop Saba fever, the only cure is caring for yourself in the form of Care For Me.

“The best song is probably on the B-side. Won’t be surprised when the label deny. Disagree—grey. The best song was probably on the demo. But that’s not the one that got you your limo. Limousine—grey. The single the one that wasn’t as honest. But this is what they say make you the hottest. In the game—grey—grey.”

What did you just read? Well, that’s for people who take advice. Go listen. Please. Seldom are the days that fully fleshed out projects, like Care For Me, come out. Give his stuff a listen, and you will not be upset.

Disclaimer: If you become addicted, DO NOT BLAME ME.


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