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Who is P-Will? The Minnesota rapper addressing survival as a Black man

P-Will, also known as Prince William$, is representing Minneapolis the right way despite its recent tragedy: George Floyd’s death.

The 23-year-old rapper may be young, but he’s no newbie to the music game. His first project, Chosen debuted in 2017. The Minneapolis native recalls a growth in vocabulary from this project to his second latest track, “Justice4George.”

The Minnesota rapper hits #Justice4George

P-Will’s video captures the events that have taken place following George Floyd‘s murder in Minneapolis. By highlighting the protests and looting in his video, he sends a message that goes deeper than music: Justice for Black lives.

Prince William$ not only resonates with the racial motivation behind Floyd’s murder.

“We was at the crime scene just a few minutes before Floyd died. “[My little brother and I] drove past that incident. When we drove past, [George Floyd] was still in his car…I came back to the studio and I’m like, I just saw that.”

Prince continued,

“[The news] put up the article…normally when something like that happens, you think [someone] got shot. It wasn’t that…I called my little brother. I’m like, ‘that’s that incident that went down, I kid you not.’ This is why I went home and got to writing; I couldn’t believe it. That could’ve been anybody, you know?”

The Minneapolis riots following George Floyd’s murder set the tone for other cities across the country and the world. Newer generations may not have experienced riots like the Watts and Los Angeles riots. For younger generations, witnessing today’s riots sheds a light on issues that have been dismissed for years.

Prince William$ has a grasp on how Black people are treated in the U.S., especially in neighborhoods stricken by poverty.

“Here in Minnesota, it ain’t sweet.”

The rapper reflects on past incidents in the last five years in Minnesota similar to those of Jamar Clark and Philando Castile. He feels overwhelmed by the repetition of history, particularly in his hometown.

He has had enough.

“[The police] had his foot on his neck for minutes, and minutes…[George Floyd] is telling you he can’t breathe and you just sit there, applying more pressure…and it’s like, we can’t let [the police] get away with that. What more proof do you need?”

“Justice4George” isn’t the only woke track on Prince’s resume. The BLM rapper’s song, “Survival” focuses on maintaining strength as a Black man in society.

The music video starts off with a newscast about the rise of gun violence in north Minneapolis.

Surviving as a Black man without privilege

One of the song’s lyrics, “Last night I talked to God and he told me to keep going,” represents his desire to be a better version of himself, even on dark days.

“Survival” also touches on growing up in urban neighborhoods while simultaneously staying out of trouble. Often, violence or drug sales are survival mechanisms for those in low-class neighborhoods.

“I don’t want to sound like I’m promoting violence in my music. I’m just speaking as a voice of the people, my reality, and what they go through…”

Prince continued,

“You have to think about how we live on a day-to-day basis. Imagine going through that and then seeing a cop; they’re not here to protect anything…trying to survive is the main thing nowadays.”

Ultimately, P-Will wants to make relatable music for all people. He wants to let people know it’s okay to step out of their comfort zones and be different.

While other rappers like Lil Baby are using their platform to address issues regarding Black Lives Matter, Prince William$ considers his style unique based on his word choice.

He dissects his lyrics before laying them down to make sure his message is clear.

Beyond the music

The rapper has another venture that goes beyond music–a clothing line. 6TWELVE represents Minneapolis’s area code. It also means “double everything”–a positive message he wants to share with the world.

“All it takes is an idea,” says P-Will about creating your own project(s).


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The brand is only limited to clothes at the moment, but Prince William$ envisions 6TWELVE toys and speakers as part of the line in the future.

The Minneapolis native is always thinking ahead. He mentions he’s already planning his next projects, features, and a possible new department for his creativity–film.

The rapper grew up watching Ice Cube in movies and having transitioned from music–that’s his inspiration for wanting to explore the world of Hollywood as a musician.

P-Will also shares his love for writing. Out of all his classes in high school, English and gym were his favorites.

The Future (no pun intended)

If he had an opportunity to work with a select amount of rappers they would be Future, Meek Mill, and Lil Wayne. He admires Future for not changing for anyone.

His appreciation for Meek Mill comes from his grit; he isn’t afraid to address truths in his music. Lastly, he respects Weezy because he’s been in the game since he was young and always had big brother figures surrounding him–similar to P-Will’s own experience.

The rapper plans to continue being a part of the #BlackLivesMatter movement via his music and as an influence. He has a younger brother who he guides and makes sure stays out of trouble.

His motto is “do school and avoid the streets.” Check out P-Will’s latest single, Only Up From Here, which he dropped on his birthday, July 6.

The cover art depicts a balloon on the word “From”, and it’s not as simple as it representing his birthday. Prince William$ says balloons symbolize happiness, and that’s what he wants to keep spreading.