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Who is Mac McClung? The high school basketball star proving white boys can jump

If you haven’t heard the name Mac McClung you are either highly uninformed or you live under a rocks and have not been paying attention to the royal rumble that is college basketball recruiting. Mac McClung has been generating a buzz for quite a while for his crazy bounce and insane dunks.

This kid AVERAGES 40 point games like it’s nothing and his energy is insane.  He is from a small city called Gate City, Virginia and attends Gate City HS where he is currently a senior. Gate City was normally known for their football team but that all changed when Mac McClung took over as the star of the school.

McClung actually played football and baseball but during his middle school years but he decided to make the switch to basketball and his life has never been the same since. He was a smaller kid during his middle school years and a late bloomer in high school. Now he stands at 6’2 and weighs 175 pounds going into college.

Since he made the transition to basketball, he’s been obsessed with dunking. His dedication to learning to dunk led him to develop a freakish jumping ability that is second to none. His hang time and his explosiveness as he gets to the rim is what he is most known for and makes the crowd go crazy.

Mac exploded to stardom on social media will a clip of showcasing his dunking ability in a pick game and the clip has been blasted all over social media and ESPN.

Ever since then Mac has been one-upping himself. McClung is not only a great dunker but an amazing shooter with the ability to finish in the paint.

Watching Mac dunking is like watching art being made, from his explosiveness from when he leaves the ground to caching the ball and slamming it down — it’s a spectacle to behold.

These are not normal dunks either. He is going between the legs, pulling off backwards dunks, and even jumping over people with complete ease. He brings crowds out to all of his games and if you have seen his clips you can definitely see why.

He has scored over 3,000 points in his high school career which is crazy achievement and he recently broke Allen Iverson’s record for most points scored in a season.

Despite all of these achievements Mac has remained humble and has not let the fame get to his head at all. He signs autographs for all of his fans and takes pictures with people because he used to be in that position. And as if that wasn’t enough, he’s also rapper Riff Raff’s first cousin!

Mac’s coach Scott Vermillion even said in a Overtime interview, “Mac always Always wanted to put Gate City on the Map”. Mac McClung just wants to put on for his city and he has definitely done that through excelling in basketball.

He is committed to Georgetown and we can’t wait to see what he will do on the college level and eventually the NBA.

If want know more about Mac, peep this mini-documentary that Overtime produced on his story. LIT.