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Who is Keeyuh? Your new favorite loud mouth gamer on Twitch

Imagine your biggest hype girl that’s also a gamer and also a Twitch partner. That’s barely enough to describe notorious gamer for the Sims, Keeyuh but it’s a good start.

Keeyuh is a YouTuber and Twitch partner that saw an explosion in popularity after a video of her playing the Sims 4 went viral on Twitter.

Her reaction to one of her Sims randomly dying because of a “Cardiac EXPLOSION???” garnered attention from Sims players and nongamers alike. Sims players related to the shock and grief of losing a favorite Sim. And those who have never heard of or played the Sims before immediately hooked.

Not only that but Origin- a digital distribution platform developed by Electronic Arts for purchasing and playing video games- saw a spike in Sims 4 purchases after the video went viral.  Olivia’s death brought a wave of new Sims players into the game, which simulates life. Olivia even has her own Instagram account.

Keeyuh’s popularity is also thanks to her use of mods. Mods or modifications are alterations made by players of a video game that change aspects of the game. Keeyuh’s most memorable use of mods is in her “WACK TO SNACK” videos.

In this format, she takes a basic or wack looking Sim and gives them a makeover. All with her lit AF commentary of course.

Much like an actual TV channel, Keeyuh has a series of games with different families, characters and plots to follow.

A real Shonda Rhymes of gaming, Keeyuh keeps you engaged with scheduled drama and off the cuff commentary sprinkled with some spontaneous natural gameplay scenarios.

Keeyuh also streams GTA, Minecraft, and Fortnite as well as other RPG games on Twitch, and posts those edited videos on YouTube.

Keeyuh is one of the few successful visible Black female gamers on Twitch and YouTube. Her presence in the field is sorely needed as Black female gamers are often not taken as seriously as their male or even white female counterparts.

EA Games better give Keeyuh a bag for her work in the field of bringing gaming from wack to snack.


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