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Who is Juice Wrld? The Chicago rapper mixing genres to make a new sound

Juice Wrld is a 19-year-old rapper from Chicago that has recently come onto the scene with his album Goodbye & Good Riddance. He has been making waves with his alternative sound which is a mix of alternative rock and modern hip-hop and people are fucking with it.

The Chicago rapper has put out a lot of music over the years but his most project Goodbye & Good Riddance has turned a lot of heads and is quickly gaining traction. The album details a terrible break up that he went through and the mix of rage, sadness that he felt in that moment and he captures it perfectly throughout the songs in his album.

He talks about the variety of relationships that he has been in and how those women have hurt him so deeply that the only way he can deal with the pain is numb himself with a various assortment of drugs.

Even though he was using a lot of drugs back then he doesn’t condone heavy drug use now. He believes that there is a fine line between doing drugs and letting them influence your creative process and having drugs take over your life and consume you.

“I know people that were very hard working that started smoking weed and now all they do is chill on their couch and any money they get just goes to that. So it’s important to find a balance.”

The Chicago rapper has tried a variety of drugs and he admits they influence his creative process but also real-life experiences that he has been through which heavily factor into his music.

In his song “All Girls Are The Same,” he talks about how all the girls he meets are literally copies of each other and there is nothing that sets him apart puts all of his hurt on display and how he doesn’t like feeling vulnerable on the song.

The inspiration was sparked from some bad relationships that the 19-year-old rapper was going through at the time.

“I’m not the type to vent to people so I use music as an outlet to speak to people.”

Juice Wrld has been listening to music at a young age and started rapping with his neighbors for fun but he never really took it seriously until after high school.

The Chicago native originally started listening to rock music with bands like Paramore, Avenged Sevenfold, ad Black Sabbath but also listened to other artists like Skrillex and Kanye West. He was heavily influenced by Kanye’s albums The College Dropout and My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

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Juice Wrld began to take music seriously after high school when he fell into depression about his uncertain future due to his bad grades and other things.

It was during this time that the owner of the studio Envision Entertainment in country club hills saw potential in the young Chicago rapper and decided to help. He ended up becoming his engineer and the rest was history.

Juice Wrld is definitely making a huge wave in music and may be opening the door to a sub-genre within hip-hop that has yet to created yet. Sky’s the limit for what he can achieve and he’s just getting started. We can’t wait to see what is next for him.

Peep his latest project with Future Wrld On Drugs here: