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Who is Ella Mai? The British songstress bringing her sound to America

Ella Mai is a 23-year-old British artist that has recently exploded onto the scene with her hit song “Boo’d Up.” It’s a raw R&B track that talks about the joys of being with a significant other and the beautiful feeling of just being in love.

The song has gotten so much support from fans and big-name artists like Chris Brown, Plies, and Fabolous who’ve been seen on social media vibing to the song and even stating that they wanted to do a remix of the record.

Ella has been taken aback by the sudden popularity of her song “Boo’d Up” and even said in an interview with Nessa From Hot 97,

“I knew the song would resonate with girls but I didn’t think guys would love the song as much as they do”.

The song popular amongst all ages and that is what has propelled it all the way to the top of the charts. Listen to it below and you’ll see why.

Ella hails from South London but currently lives in Los Angeles. After attending high school in New York then she went back to London and found herself on the West Coast where she’s now pursuing her music career full time.

She has always been a performer and she went to music school from the age of 17 to 21. According to her, she has always been around music her whole life having been raised in the church and her grandma is also a minister.

Ella was influenced by a lot of 90s R&B artists like Lauryn Hill, Stevie Wonder, Keyshia Cole, Chris Brown, India Arie, Monica, Brandy, Destiny’s Child and Mint Condition and wants to collab but she also wants to work with rappers including her favorite emcee at the moment, J Cole.

The 23-year-old considers herself to be a storyteller through her music, not everything that she talks about in her songs has been experienced personally, she gets inspired by other people around her and their experiences and then she will write the song about that experience from that person’s perspective.

The R&B singer originally started out doing 15-second Instagram covers of popular songs and slowly began to gain a fanbase until she was found by DJ Mustard, and he reached out to her.

Mustard happened to be performing at Made in America and Ella Mai was in NYC at the time so he drove to her just to work with her and see the process that she goes through to create her music.

The session went extremely well and Ella Mai ended up signing to his label, 10 Summers, and she has put out two EPs so far and she is working on her album which will be solely R&B focused.

One of her singles “Naked” is all about self-love and making sure you love yourself before anyone else but also knowing how to except when someone else is loving you.

The British songstress sings about how she hopes to find some that will love her unconditionally despite all her flaws.

Ella Mai’s songs are real and pure R&B that we have been music that is completely dominated by rap nowadays. She has so many amazing songs already at the beginning of her career, we can’t wait to see what project she puts out next.