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Who is Druski? The internet comedian reminding us to laugh again


Amongst the many come-up stories of creatives who have relentlessly followed their dreams despite the odds that were stacked against them there are few like Druski2funny’s.

Born in Maryland and raised in Gwinnett, GA, the internet comedian has emerged over the past few years as a comedic star who is committed to making the world laugh.

Known primarily for his hilarious skits on Instagram impersonating almost everyone from frat boys to hip-hop artists, Druski refuses to limit himself.

Druski has conent for days!

Druski Compilation Video

Although the comedian has made content for a couple of years now, 2020 has been a standout year for the internet comedian…

As a result of coronavirus putting the world indoors, the internet comedian has made this an opportunity to keep people entertained.

Utilizing his Instagram to its entirety, Druski’s live videos and Instagram live stories are a highly favored aspect of his comedic repertoire. From his diverse skits, it is clear that he has been exposed to many different cultures over time.

Druski’s quick cameo in Drake’s “Laugh Now Cry Later” video

As Druski’s content continues to grow, he has capitalized on his success in many ways including his YouTube Channel DruskiTV which has already gained over 40k+ subscribers.

With his highly coveted merch 4Lifers, the internet comedian continues to prove that he is a comedian with many facets to his creativity. The merch has since been supported by celebrities like Drake, Jack Harlow, Quavo, Odell Beckham Jr., and many more.

The brand is strong…

With the upward trajectory of Druski’s career, the comedian’s fame has reached a new level following his cameo in Drake’s “Laugh Now, Cry Later” video.

While Druski’s bright future is apparent, his journey to becoming a comedian took time to be as clear as it is today…

The glo-up

Growing up on the north side of Gwinnett put Druski in contact with many different types of people and cultures. As a result, he gained a diverse cultural perspective giving Druski many different angles for his content.

Subconsciously soaking in what made up the material for his sketches, Druski fully embraced all aspects of his environmental upbringing.

While comedy had not been Druski’s initial professional plan, he had always been inspired by comedy legends like Kevin Hart, Mike Epps, and Dave Chappelle.

Through trial and error, he would find his way

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“Can’t Call It”

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With his original aspirations to be a sportscaster, Druski took the academic route to pursue this passion.

Knowing that he wanted to be a part of the entertainment business, the aspiring creative had not fully contemplated all of his possibilities. Ironically enough, his classes for sportscasting revealed Druski’s gift for comedy.

Constantly encouraged by his classmates to pursue comedy, Druski began to study motivational videos of comedy legends. Gradually, Druski believed that being a comedian was his true calling.

As Druski realized that university did not feel right for him, he dropped out to fully pursue his career as a comedian.

Upon his decision, Druski would embark on a journey into the unknown that many creatives who’ve pursued a dream can relate to. Despite the bumps in the road that Druski encountered, he refused to give up.

Druski’s unshakable confidence

The unshakeable confidence that Druski behind his gift would turn out to be the most crucial quality that led to his success.

Although dropping out of school is not a piece of advice that should be taken lightly, it was something that the internet comedian felt he had to do.

On the path to achieving a dream, uncertainty will always be looming, but the difference between that dream being fulfilled is whether or not you truly believe in it yourself.

He remained consistent with his craft and as a result, will continue to ascend…

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BE THE CHANGE ✊🏾…….. Don’t Just Speak on It

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In many ways, I feel as though Druski represents yet another version of the modern-day story of a creatives rises to glory. By following his heart and putting in the work to establish himself as a comedian to be taken seriously, he has built himself into a sensation.

With the multifaceted nature of Druski’s talent, there is no telling where his career will take him next. What do you think of Druski’s come up over the years? What does his rise in comedy say about the genre overall?

Check out more of Druski’s comedy on his YouTube, IG, or Tik Tok for the inspo!