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Who are the photographers capturing the storm on Capitol Hill?

Photographers are capturing harrowing and distressing occurrences at the U.S. capitol right now, as a mob of MAGA supporters storms Washington D.C.

It is a travesty what is taking place in the U.S. capitol currently, though to us who have been paying attention, it is not completely surprising. Rather it is a natural culmination of events when the man with the highest office in the land treats his job and democracy itself as a device to advance his personal desires.

Still, these troubling scenes playing out in front of all of us are captured with a certain fervor and depth that only the best photographers can elicit. Here are five photographers capturing the dangerous siege.

Julio Cortez

The storm on the capitol is being captured by Baltimore-based AP photographer Julio Cortez.

Cortez is at the frontlines on capitol hill, thus risking his life in the process. First capturing the rally, Cortez has since covered the ensuing storm protesting the certification of President-elect Joe Biden.

Manuel Balce Ceneta

Manny Ceneta is also an Associated Press staff photographer, but he is located in D.C. He has also been covering the pro-Trump mob attacking Capitol Hill.

Just yesterday he photographed Trump heading to Georgia before a big MAGA rally in support of Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue.

Win McNamee

As the chief photographer for Getty Images, Win, much like his namesake, is doing a fantastic job covering the action on Capitol Hill.

The capitol storm is able to be seen by the rest of the country and world because of brave Getty photographers like McNamee. The pro-Trump mob is storming in, and the situation is dire. Stay safe everyone.

Drew Angerer

Drew Angerer is also a Getty Images photographer, working with McNamee. His efforts on the capitol storm scene are featured below. (Warning: Images are distressing)

Photographers in the capitol are working in extremely unsafe conditions. Working around the angles is especially difficult in such harrowing circumstances.

Photographers capturing the mob on Capitol Hill are risking their lives

Photographers on Capitol Hill have captured the scenes at the highest offices in the land for years now. But they, and thus us, have never witnessed quite something so severe as this before.

Officers being forced to fire shots. Elected officials on lockdown and fearing for their lives. We are able to witness the visuals in a colossal moment in American history (not for the better) because of these brave photographers.