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Who are Pete & Bas? Meet the old head grime-duo dishing out fire

Pete & Bas

“Old people aren’t in tune with young people. Perhaps, we are.” – Bas

You don’t often find two old head rappers teeming with drip and flow. It’s rare we find “the washed” engaging with new-age rap culture at all for that matter.

But just like with anything in this world, there are exceptions, and sometimes these exceptions break the mold. The rap group, Pete & Bas, is a revelation to the music industry.

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“Back then I had dents in the Peugeot. Now I’ve got chains on my chest. Gold, one on each finger. Brand new Range in the shed,” rap Pete and Bas, two old lads from South London.

In an interview with Noisey, Pete explains how he met Bas in a shop, they became friends, and have been friends ever since.

Pete’s raspy, guttural sound and Bas’ deep voice produce great tones, especially when rapping together. They truly sound and look, like they could be two London drug lords.

Noisey asked the pair how they got into rapping. Pete explained how his granddaughter loves rap and would play it every time she was in the car with him.

“At first I was turning it off and returning it all. But then I found myself listening to it more and more…” Pete explained.

“The more you listen to it, the more you get into it,” Bas added.

The two old chaps use contemporary slang and flows that would lead you to believe they’ve listened to rap for decades and decades.

Pete & Bas have amassed a following that makes them one of the UK’s hottest new rap groups. Their newest song, “Windowframe Cypher,” features other elderly lads new to the rap scene.

We’re not ageist over here, but the plethora of old folks in this song shows that Pete & Bas are certainly leaning into their roles as the old rappers breaking barriers.

This knowledge begs the question: are old heads winning? Because from this perspective they’re looking to take over the rap game.