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Where is Lil Jon? The King of Crunk wants to be new CEO of Papa Johns

The king of crunk, Lil Jon, is about to become the king of pizza. Twitter has informally named him CEO of Papa Johns and he’s gladly accepted.

Three days before Christmas, he tweeted”

Although this was an informal naming of the pizza franchise’s CEO, Papa John’s pizza replied, tweeting, “OKAAAY!”

Could this really happen? Maybe. Lil Jon’s lengthy career has proven himself CEO worthy.

Lil Jon has the hits so marketing himself won’t ever be a problem. In fact, he started the whole crunk movement. We know you remember “Get Low,” which featured the East Side Boyz and the Ying Yang Twins.

Well, that song about skeeting from wall to wall made it to the No. 2 spot on the Billboard charts, so marketing pizza couldn’t be a huge task.

Crunk music isn’t Lil Jon’s only forte.

He has proved his business acumen over and over again. The dirty crunk soldier launched his own energy drink company, Crunk!!! and Little Jonathan Wines, both ventures made him a fortune.

We also know, he won’t play himself like the actual Papa John did. John recently had to step down as the CEO due to some derogatory comments he made regarding the NFL protests. The comments blamed the NFL protests for Papa John’s falling profits.

Declining profits? Lil Jon doesn’t know this phrase. For almost three decades, he has managed to keep his funds on lock ranking as one of the richest rappers in the game.

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Another CEO characteristic Lil Jon has is his philanthropic attitude. This year he felt the need to travel to Ghana and he wasn’t taking a vacation.

He was traveling with non-profit Pencils of Promise, an organization that focuses on building schools and increasing educational opportunities for children in underdeveloped countries.

With Pencils of Promise, Lil Jon went to Ghana on his birthday to help build two facilities and last month he opened one the schools he helped fund.

Not to mention his work with the Sacramento Kings. During the stadium’s opening night half-time period, Lil Jon performed to raise money for hurricane victims and local wildfire relief efforts.

Lil Jon’s resume is valid AF. Hopefully, he really becomes the CEO of Papa John’s Pizza. Who knows? He might actually take the franchise to the top.

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