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When rap gives back: 5 hip-hop stars leading the wave in philanthropy

Success only matters if you have a heart filled with compassion.

Some might say you give back to the less fortunate for the good karma but either way, when you partake in a charitable act, you feel good.

That’s why our rap idols invest their time into giving back to the people. There’s no gratification in passing over those who need assistance and through charitable organizations a music mogul can find a new form of closure.

By using their art to inspire and influence those who are going through a tough time it’s no wonder why more and more rappers are getting involved in charity. After all, most of these guys came from the bottom themselves and know what it’s like to have nothing!

So we’ve compiled a short list of five rappers who we think are using their clout to back groundbreaking charities.

Let’s get it! Here are five rappers helping those with their daily struggles.

1. ASAP Mob combats substance abuse with the Always Strive and Prosper Foundation

In the name of Steven “ASAP Yams” Rodriguez, Steven’s mom with the help of ASAP Mob established the Always Strive and Prosper Foundation. The foundation’s focus according to their mission,

“Continuing to create and incubate events and programs that will corral youth based demographics in the areas of music and arts. With a focus on delivering positive messages and proper information to adolescents and young adults about the dangers associated with carelessly mixing opiates and other potentially irresponsible drug use and abuse.”

Thus far since Yams’ untimely overdose in 2015, ASAP Mob and other rap artists have held and sold out three Yams Day concerts in 2016, 2017, and 2018 respectively.

A portion of the tickets proceeds go directly to the Always Strive and Prosper Foundation but you don’t have to wait for the concert to donate. Help educate these kids about substance abuse and how the effects of it can be deadly. Bless here.

2. Akon uses clean and affordable energy to light up Africa

Formed in 2014, Akon Lighting Africa is a bright idea shining over a dark continent.

The solar initiative has provided clean and affordable electric energy to African villages powering a number of households, communities, schools and health centers located in rural areas for the first time.

They’ve accomplished big goals reaching 480 communities whilst operating in 15 different countries. So far, founders Akon, Samba Bathily, and Thione Niang have snagged partnerships with the NBA, Solektra, and a grip of energy and engineering companies.

He actually tried to restore power to Puerto Rico but Trump’s bitch ass blocked it!

Akon’s organization also looks to create a network of young people and give them the tools to acquire the knowledge to install and maintain solar solutions. Their tagline is, “With electricity, everything becomes possible.”

The mission – make Africa a “major investment hub in the 21st Century.”

3. Vic Mensa wants us to save money to save lives

Vic is looking to use his platform to get his foundation SaveMoneySaveLife of its feet.

Their mission is to combat the epidemic of gun violence plaguing Chicago and train civilians as trauma and mental health first responders through two initiatives Street Medics and uniVERSE.

The end goal is to find long-term resolutions to gun violence, systemic oppression, and community rehabilitation.

“Despite being arguably our nations most violent area, the south side of Chicago is without a trauma unit. It’s a trauma care desert…,” said Mensa.

The GoFundMe has rapidly raised near $2,000 and is trending its way to its $150,000 goal. Help those in need an donate here!

4. Jay-Z looks to free those who were wrongly incarcerated

Jay-Z has had it with America’s rigged mass incarceration system. He’s co-produced a docuseries on Netflix about wrongly convicted Kalief Browder, penned an essay for TIME and bailed out locked up dads on Father’s Day.

Now Jay-Z’s American entertainment company, Roc Nation, has teamed with First Round Capital to launch a startup that will force bail reform.

Female-founded by Phaedra Ellis-Lamkins and Diana Frappier according to the site’s landing page, Promise plans to,

“Provide a cost-effective, more humane alternative to incarceration by extending the capabilities of community supervision, improving long-term outcomes for individuals and communities.”

The initiative is a three-part process via phone app for those who cannot afford to defend themselves in court and a watchdog ensuring no missteps occur in any legal procedures.

The app is still under works but you can keep up with Promise here for all updates. 

5. French Montana wants to change the world as a global citizen

French Montana is definitely a “child of God.” If you haven’t heard, the “Shot Caller” rapper donated $100,000 to the Mama Hope Foundation, a charitable organization that looks to end extreme poverty in Uganda.

Through French’s platform, he was able to not only donate $100K but encouraged Diddy to throw an additional 200k and The Weeknd for a thick $100K. Let’s not forget his the mark he left on the masses through his truly “Unforgettable” music video.

The hospital he built now stands fully funded. See what you can do with your influence, homie. Great job French! To keep up with more of the Mama Hope Foundation’s good deeds check here.

There’s a handful of rappers, celebrities, public figures, and influencers that give back. We should all take wind of these good acts above and start helping. Maybe we can get more big hitters to support really dope causes.

Do something!