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What would Billie Eilish do? 7 times she inspired us to keep it movin’

Billie Eilish has stepped into the limelight in recent years and grown rapidly in terms of fame and wisdom.

She became a known artist quite young and a hugely successful artist shortly after. Her music has often been described as depressing and at other times inspiring.

She’s also been known for “hiding” her body from the outside world, opting for oversized clothing and less revealing fits with ample drip. If only Billie Ellish would reveal her vegan diet…

Recently, she decided to remove some of those layers at the head of her tour in Miami. It was there where she expressed the unfortunate and frustrating scrutiny on her body as a young woman.

The message was lost among the several cheering fans who seemed to focus only on the unzipping of her hoodie and removal of her shirt.

This message of deep introspection and retrospection of Billie’s fame and notoriety is not the first. Billie has often spoken on issues that matter, offered advice to her fans and fellow creatives and stood up to the injustices she’s seen in the industry.

So at KH, we’ve compiled footage from some of her deepest moments on cam, where Billie inspired us to keep it moving.

Billie Eilish on mental health

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Billie emphasizes maintaining happiness as not only a goal but a priority.

On the other side, Billie is open about having struggled with depression. She stands up to the notion that young people cannot be depressed.

Eilish states that whatever you think of her, the idea that anyone could accuse a young person of ‘faking their depression’ is disrespectful. Especially to all the young people who struggle with it every day.

She shows us that depression has no age.

On negativity

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She also acknowledges that one cannot have the good without the bad in any life path. Success is not without its cons and every career has positives and negatives. It’s in recognizing this that we can move forward.

Billie has often received negativity. Haters often comment on her youth, mental health, body or her talent.

She makes it clear that while trolls and negativity are hurtful, criticism can be enlightening. And finding humor in the hate might be more productive.

And on communication

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The important part is to communicate with one another about how we want to be treated. Because if you don’t ask to be treated better, the answer is always no.

But of course, Billie also emphasizes that pleasing others is not the goal. There will always be criticism. But if you like what you’re doing you can guarantee that at least one person is pleased with your work.

She also helps us realize that success is not always based on who you really are but rather how others perceive you. So defining your own success is likely better than any of that.

Billie Eilish doesn’t just share her talent and entertaining personality with us. She shares her wisdom, and thoughtful lessons she’s learned as she’s grown up in the expansive and limiting world of fame.