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What we learned about Elon Musk getting smacked with Joe Rogan

There couldn’t be two more separate ends of the spectrum than Joe Rogan and Elon Musk.

One is a stand-up comedian and martial arts color commentator turned podcast host of the wildly popular Joe Rogan Experience Podcast, and the other is a multi-billionaire CEO of Tesla who is trying to colonize Mars.

But for whatever reason, their two worlds collided last night when Elon stopped by as a guest on Joe Rogan’s podcast. What ensued has, till the very moment, still has the internet in dismay.

The interview was streamed live Thursday night and goes well over the two-hour mark so breaking down everything in the video is not a reality, but I extracted four highlights takeaways, as well as some of the fallout, to brush you up.

Here there are:

Elon smokes big biff

During the all-encompassing wide-ranged interview, Joe Rogan pulls out a small container he bought in Mexico holding a blunt of Marijuana. Rogan then took out a large spliff and lit up.

“Is that a joint, or is it a cigar?” Musk asked.

“It’s marijuana inside of tobacco,” Rogan said. He then asked whether Musk had ever had it.

“Yeah, I think I tried one once,” Musk said.

“Come on, man,” Rogan said as Musk laughed.

Rogan did caution Musk of smoking, asking: “Because of stockholders, right?”

“I mean it’s legal, right?” Musk responded before taking a drag.

Then, he toked up.

Subsequently, the Tesla’s stock dropped in the next couple of hours.

Tesla’s stock dipped 9%

Tesla’s shares took a plunge as much as 9 percent Friday after news of the company’s two executive resignations and, of course, the out-of-the-blue footage of their CEO, Elon Musk, smoking marijuana on Rogan’s podcast hit 1M views on YouTube matter of hours.

Friday culminated what has already been a bad week for the automaker who, after starting Friday’s session at $260.10, saw declines of 7 percent after the first hour of trading.

After losing their chief accounting officer, Dave Mortonas on Tuesday, the HR chief, Gaby Toledano, and rumors of losing Tesla’s vice president of communications, Sarah O’Brien, one could say Elon’s time with Joe was poorly timed.

Elon vs Instagram

Among the topics, the two touched on was that of social media. Elon was of the opinion that Instagram gives a false reality of what life truly is and resents the app for that. Musk said,

“One of the issues with social media is people look like they have a much better life than they really do. People are posting pictures of when they were really happy, they’re modifying those pictures to be better-looking. Even if they’re not modifying those pictures, they’re selecting the pictures for the best lighting, the best angle.”

Musk went on to express that Instagram makes people appear better-looking and happier “than they really are,” which he suggest has negative effects on our psyche. To Elon, seeing attractive, happy people on social media will make people think “I’m not that good looking and I’m not that happy. So I must suck.” Musk continued,

“When, in fact, those people you think are super happy — actually not that happy. Really depressed, they’re very sad. Some of the happiest seeming people – actually some of the saddest people in reality. And nobody looks good all the time, it doesn’t matter who you are.”

We should be concerned with A.I.

One of the highlights of the exchange for sure would be Elon’s take on artificial intelligence. He worries about the future of AI — but not as much as he used to. He murmured,

“The danger is going to be more humans using it against each other, I think, most likely, that’ll be the danger, yeah.”

For someone as in tune as Elon with the advancement of technology, it would be safe to say he caution is concerning. Even Joe commented on Elon’s stoic nature while answering the question.

Check out the full interview above.