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What QAnon supporter Marjorie Taylor Greene winning Georgia primary means

On Tuesday, August 11, Marjorie Taylor Greene recently emerged victorious in a runoff election in a House primary to represent Georgia’s 14th Congressional district, one of the most Republican-affiliated districts in the country. 

Known for her pro-Trump, pro-gun, and pro-border wall political stance, her campaign slogan says her beliefs best: “Save America. Stop Socialism.” 

Greene is also a supporter of a more unconventional belief. She openly believes in the QAnon conspiracy.

Now with her making her way to the House of Representatives, she could potentially create a unique new presence within the federal government, one that believes in unfounded conspiracy theories.

Let’s see just what the QAnon conspiracy and the significance of her election both mean.

A look into the QAnon conspiracy

The QAnon conspiracy began on 4chan when the anonymous user known as “Q” claimed to have top-secret information about government affairs.

Since then, the conspiracy has evolved into a belief that President Trump is being opposed by a supposed “deep state” consisting of elites in business, government, media, and all manner of fields who are pedophiles and worshipers of Satan.

Despite the lack of concrete evidence, that hasn’t stopped the conspiracy from amassing a widespread following on social media.

Besides Greene being an open believer in it, Eric Trump also posted a QAnon meme in a now-deleted Instagram post prior to the Trump rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma. President Trump has also retweeted messages from QAnon supporters, though he has never explicitly endorsed the conspiracy.

Many social media companies such as Facebook and Twitter have recently begun to crack down on this conspiracy.  The social media giants have taken down many QAnon associated accounts.

Even the FBI noted how such conspiracies can incite violence. They have even claimed the QAnon conspiracy poses a potential domestic extremist threat.

The meaning of Marjorie Taylor Greene’s election

Greene’s win from a runoff election in Georgia’s House primary arguably shows signs of growing support for the QAnon conspiracy in some people. Not only that, but Greene has also come under fire from the media, Democrats, and even some Republican officials in Congress for statements she has made.

Not only has Greene expressed support for the QAnon conspiracy, but she has also said various racist, Islamophobic, and anti-Semitic remarks on social media.

She has also criticized Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi with an expletive…

And even created an advertisement featuring her with an automatic rifle as a threat to “ANTIFA terrorists.”

Despite the criticisms leveled at her, Greene remains strong in her political stance, and President Trump even commended her victory on Twitter.

Her victory in Georgia to some is a troubling sign of the influence the QAnon conspiracy is having on some members of the government.

How this will play out if she enters Congress all remains to be seen…