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What makes LeBron’s HBO hit show ‘The Shop’ must-watch TV

It’s no secret, LeBron is on his Hollywood steeze.

Alongside longtime manager Maverick Carter, the greatest basketball player living has amassed quite the list of development partnerships across the media landscape.

With a continuing steady stream of film and TV projects through SpringHill Entertainment, LeBron has managed to leverage partnership deals with every broadcast network, prestige cable outlet, and streaming service around.

Of these partnerships, the one he has with HBO has birthed something special for the culture: Uninterrupted’s new series on HBO, The Shop.

The Shop is pretty straightforward. It features LeBron, Maverick, and a different cast of guests, sitting around in a barber shop getting their haircuts and drinking wine.

They discuss a range of topics including sports, music, pop culture, world events, business and other cultural subjects with celebrities involved in sports and entertainment. The kicker is that these are the voices you’d want talking on these topics.

Two episodes in the books and the show have already made a splash.

On October 12th, long after the Drake/Pusha-T beef had settled, Drizzy first broke silence on the matter on The Shop’s second episode. Opening up about the Pusha-T beef, he says the Daytona went too far when he mentioned his terminally-ill friend and producer, 40. Drake got candid during the conversation saying,

“Rap purists and people who love confrontation, they love to say, ‘There’s no rules to this shit!’ There are fucking rules to this shit.”

No one expected Drake, no one expected that type of content or turnaround and no one expected LeBron to be in his interviewer bag like that. It shows how much of a pulse LeBron has on the culture and the cache of guest he can acquire.

Even OBJ got candid about being in the spotlight during his appearance on The Shop‘s first episode saying he sometimes feels like a “zoo animal,” and all of the pressure fame has brought him.

Being the figure he is, LeBron can not only curate some of the most interesting rooms but get people to speak about things they otherwise wouldn’t.

The Shop’s third episode is sure to be full of surprises as well with a talent line-up featuring Mary J. Blige, Lena Waithe, Nas, Jimmy Kimmel, Todd Gurley, Chris Bosh and Ice Cube.

The episode is set to debut next Friday, December 21st at 10 pm EST on HBO. Be sure you don’t miss it — who knows what LeBron is up to next!