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What life is like for NBA players inside the Disney World bubble

The NBA is set to return July 30.

22 teams will travel to Orlando to play an eight-game play-in tournament to substitute for the end of the regular season. Florida is one of the worst places in the world right now in terms of coronavirus transmission, but the NBA has been a model league in recent years, and if any league can pull off finishing its season, its this one.

The NBA was suspended four months ago due to COVID-19. Since then, players have just been patiently waiting.

Now that the season is on the cusp of resuming, players are locking in. It may be under different circumstances, but every player is in the same boat essentially. And at the end of the day, it’s ball.

There will be no large crowds, no hating fans screaming and distracting. The game will be played at its purest form, and we will get to tune in to see the most talented athletes in the world battle it out.

The NBA set up a bubble at Disneyworld to be able to control the virus, should it be detected. It is quite extraordinary what the league has put together for the season’s resumption, we just hope it all goes well and everyone stays safe.

The set-up also begs the question: what happens when you put a bunch of millionaires together at Disney with no one else?

Players will surely use their platforms to make statements on the Black Lives Matter movement. And each player will be tested for COVID daily.

They can hang with each other in the lounges or game rooms. Or they can throw a socially distanced party. Some players even set up a recording studio in their rooms.

Food is another trending topic about #thebubble, with some players hating it, and others loving it.

J.R. Smith, just recently signed by the Lakers for the rest of the season, has been sharing just about everything about the bubble. The league even shut down one of his IG live’s. Siiiiick.

The players have access to an entire resort, and get to focus just on ball, with a lot of outside distractions paused for now. We can’t wait for the games to start.