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What is Tronix? The new cryptocurrency that could beat out bitcoin

So by now we all know about Bitcoin (BTC) and its rise to glory, but the real question for everybody else, and even those who managed to catch it at the right time, (besides how to get started) is what’s next?

What’s the next big cryptocurrency and how can I avoid making the same mistake like I did missing out on Bitcoin?

I don’t know about you, but I was definitely a little heated after watching lil’ homie in Dope absolutely finesse his way to Harvard by utilizing Bitcoin. But, just like too many others, I saw it only for what it was, a movie, while others got rich seeing it as a roadmap.

Last week another cryptocurrency, Tronix (TRX), exploded over 500% over the course of just a few days. It started at less than a penny so, yeah, it doesn’t seem like much of anything, but let’s just take a quick step back and do some math.

At even just a single penny, if I were to spend $10,000 to buy 1,000,000 Tron “tokens,” that same $10,000 would turn into $1,000,000 once Tron hits $1.00.

Bitcoin is currently sitting pretty at around $15,000 per coin after soaring from $1,000 just at the beginning of this year, so hopefully we’re all on the same page.

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Now, not everyone has that kind of cash to just throw and sit on, but it’s a new age; anyone with a few bucks can get involved.

The biggest key is that everyone has the same opportunity to buy in before this amazing concept really takes off.

The app StockTwits, an open forum for people to voice their ideas, really hammers this home.

Just 10 days ago, they had around 1,500 people watching live, and today over 8,500 sets of eyes glued to their screens waiting for the inevitable rise.

To even understand the concept, and then the process, you have to have some foundation in cryptocurrency as a whole. If you’re interested in learning more about Tron and other alt coins, head over to Crypto Head to gain some knowledge.

Huffington Post tells us that in 2008, Satoshi Nakamoto created Bitcoin with the vision of it essentially becoming a democratic electronic cash system meant for the people. In reality, he created a decentralized digital currency operating in competition of “fiat currency.”

We all saw what the FCC just did to the internet, ending net neutrality; fiat currency is also centralized and basically corresponds to all national currencies issued by their respective banks.

So if you take away all the fluff that surrounds cryptocurrency, you can understand its definition: limited entries into a database that no one can change without fulfilling certain conditions. Like, peep your bank account. What else do you see in there besides entries in a database? Nothing.

You can’t change SQUAT without matching the condition that you physically own the cash even though we all might want to sometimes. The concept of currency is all about verified entry into a database of accounts as well as balances and transactions, so really what’s the difference?

Known by Forbes as possibly “the next Jack Ma,” Justin Sun is the founder and CEO of TRON, a blockchain-based and open source platform geared towards the worldwide digital entertainment industry.

Insanely enough, besides the massive growth TRON coins (Tronix: $TRX) have experienced, as opposed to Bitcoin’s seemingly stagnant few weeks, it even beat everyone out to becoming the first smart contract blockchain protocol with 10 million+ wallet users in the entire world.

MarQuis Trill knows exactly what’s good – “Keep your money in there.” The biggest misconception about these coins/tokens is that you get rich quick. The only thing more lucrative than day trading is holding – buying at the lowest point possible and selling at the highest point possible, not the chaos of day trading. Let’s think long term.

Do you know exactly when Bitcoin was this low? Or all of a sudden it’s the end of 2017 and Bitcoin’s flying high at $15k for no reason? These things take time and my gift to you, is blessing you with this info.

Sun has made sure his long-run plan is concrete, offering only a little info at a time. In a recent interview with the Medium, Sun was asked about his strengths in relation to TRON. His response:

“I am the former Chief Representative of Ripple in Greater China and also the CEO of leading audio content community with more than 10 million users — Peiwo APP. I know the things about blockchain and online entertainment.”

Cocky or confident, who knows, who cares? This man is a UPenn graduate who’s already appeared on Forbes China “30 under 30” in 2015 and 2017, and then again this year on Forbes Asia.

He was personally invited to attend Jack Ma’s own school, Hupan University, in Eastern China that to this day, has less than 40 students enrolled. He’s a man with a plan – THE plan actually.

Sun’s plan is broken down into 6 steps starting just this past August: Exodus, Odyssey, Great Voyage, Apollo, Star Trek, and Eternity. Ambitiously enough, plans are to decentralize online gaming within 5 years to essentially give the power to the people.

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Sun has also announced some pretty epic updates to TRON, which can only bring hope, seeing as it’s barely marketed besides by himself.

A few days ago, he reported that OKEX, a giant of exchange, will add TRX to its listings and just yesterday opened up to the public, undoubtedly forcing prices up with time. The biggest update yet came with the announcement that the Tron Foundation officially locked up their 34 billion tokens until 2020.

Can’t help but to have faith in this guy. Especially when he tosses the fact that he’s actually choosing to destroy a part of that huge collection, in order to make the people better off. The less it exists, the more exclusive the product, and yet again the price shoots up. Simple economics.

All in all, the Tron Foundation has an extremely bright future ahead of it, with Justin Sun at the helm.

I think I speak for most people when I say not only does a centralized internet attack our pockets unfairly, but it attacks our growth.

What the Tron Foundation will do is stimulate growth like we’ve never seen before; this is the beginning of a lifetime’s worth of work and we’re able to witness TRX in its infancy.

Now you know the facts – you gonna just sit back and watch? Or be a part of something great.