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What is really good in Buffalo? Bills fans are on another level of ratchet

You know the old saying “When life gives you lemons, make lemonade”? Well Buffalo Bill fans have clearly taken that lesson and stretched it out as far as they can.

Bill fans appropriately named the “Bills Mafia” are some of the wildest fans in the NFL, known for wrestling in the parking lot and throwing an occasional dildo onto the field during a game.

When your team is pretty average you have to find other ways to entertain yourself, take these lovely ladies for example:

This is what the women of Buffalo are like

Then there was the not so polite butt chug at the tailgate


The Bills Mafia isn’t giving their antics any time to flatline though, instead they’re working on new methods of entertainment at the stadium to keep things as exciting as ever.

Remember when one Bills fan caught himself on fire?

A few Twitter users have reported witnessing some of the Bills Mafia having sex in the stadium as well as getting blow jobs and all that other wild shit.

I’m assuming this was after she waited in line for the famous Buffalo Bills bathroom.

Another sighting:

If there’s one thing to take away from all this madness it’s that Bills games are lit as fuck. A quick browse through the Bills Mafia tag on Twitter will show you just how much the fans love their trash team and their community.

Who could forget when these two fans couldn’t even wait to get into the stadium to get it in!

From afar it’s really easy to judge these kind folk and there’s plenty reason for it but I’d prefer to see them as NFL’s most ratchet/passionate fanbase and they should be proud.

Look at how these Bill fans celebrate the first game of the season at their home. Dude is literally jumping off the roof onto a table after chugging a beer, THIS IS TRADITION!

From breaking through tables as some sort of right of passage to getting (or giving) blowjobs in a women’s restroom, these fans know how to have a good time and luckily for the rest of us — we won’t have to see them at the Super Bowl any time soon.