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What is Blap Coin? Illmind’s new crypto serving the music community

Moving humbly will always cause you to rank within the revolving space of the universe. Ramon “Illmind” Ibanga Jr. is a Grammy-winning producer who is making some major waves within the music cryptocurrency space with Blap Coin, aka $BLAP

By utilizing his humility, infectious persona, and communication skills, !llmind has always been ahead of the curve. Now, he is launching the Blap Coin in conjunction with ($RLY) to give back to the people in his native land of the Philippines.

Blap Coin will serve several purposes

The Blap Coin is powered by ERC-20 governance in coordination with Rally which is an Ethereum-backed token. A portion of the proceeds will benefit Filipino youth via

crypto music
The Blap God Himself connects creatives and never forgets where he comes from (Credit: !llmind)

Back in 2011, Illmind was an early adopter of Bitcoin as he incorporated the cryptocurrency into his Shopify storefront. Therefore, he was able to receive Bitcoin as a form of currency in exchange for drum kits and sample packs.

A few years later in 2014, he started a digital club where members received monthly drumkits, private studio sessions and more. 

!llmind has always thrived by connecting creatives through a myriad of different means and mediums. His “Pass the Aux” tours in 2016 really put his name on the radar of many pivotal players within the music industry.

Incredible intentions from producer Illmind

Today, the producer Illmind is launching his own form of cryptocurrency – the Blap Coin. For those unaware, Blap is the staple of !llmind’s brand and it stands for “Belief Love Action Positivity.” 

blap coin
Blap is Bound to make a Splash in the Crypto Space (Credit: Stream Elements)

This man did not take the traditional route that is ingrained into the psyche of many Filipinos at a young age. Rather than choosing a job that allows him to make just enough to send home to his family, he is now in a position to create his own currency to send home to multiple families. 

The key component of and producer Illmind’s Blap Coin is scalability. Each party believes that this endeavor is scalable insoforth that it is going toward a good cause and helping the less fortunate. 

Bang for your buck with crypto music

$20 worth of Blapcoin will get you a 10-second video shoutout. $25,000 worth of Blapcoin will place you in a studio session with !llmind, where the two of you can collaborate on a beat. And $50,000 worth of Blapcoin will provide you with a fresh !llmind beat made from scratch.

blap coin
The illustrious plaque wall of !llmind (Credit: !llmind Shopify)

Producer Illmind has also dipped his toes into the NFT sector. His BlapKits and BidPacks have fared relatively well within the space. 

Sinking his teeth into crypto in music with Blap Coin

All in all, !llmind is a disruptor. He foresees what is to come next and does not waste any time hopping on, as long as it provides benefits. His fascination with helping the community cannot be emphasized enough.

Together with Rally, !llmind has joined a forward-thinking ecosystem that will streamline his services to creatives who are willing to soak up the knowledge.

producer !llmind
!llmind studied his odds under the likes of J Dilla, Timbaland and Pete Rock (Credit: !

Within the first 24 hours of its launch, 500 transactions created roughly $200,000 USD revenue for the Blapcoin.

It is evident that Illmind has an everlasting battery in his back and has also not lost touch with his Filipino routes. Delving into crypto in music is just another example of how he continues to prove history correct.

Providing goods and services through cryptocurrency is definitely the new wave and it is incredibly noble then how Illmind is giving back to his home country through it all.