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What is a Babushka? The fashion trend A$AP Rocky is making hot again

If you’ve had your Cartier shades on for way too long, open your eyes, the Babushka is the latest fashion trend to hit the streets.

A$AP Rocky solidified the trend once he coined his Gucci botanical floral print headscarf a Babushka at the LACMA gala back in November.

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His homie Frank Ocean followed up with support and took to IG to show that even he has fallen to the stylish lure of the Babushka. Still, Rocky continued to push the trend even further by challenging his fans on social media,

“I’m just encouraging all guys to wear babushkas from here on out. Silk gang, silk city. You know how we do it.”

Fellow mob member A$AP ILLZ is another endorser of the latest fashion. He has taken it upon himself to drop his own multicolored headscarves for his clothing brand Disco Inferno. He was seen wearing one of the many colorways at A$AP Foundation’s Christmas toy drive.

This is only the beginning of the Babushka wave.


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It doesn’t stop there. Last week while on his Injured Generation Tour, Rocky did the unthinkable and teased a new track titled “Babushka.” Before he got into it he addressed the Minnesota crowd at The Armory.

While strapping his yellow bandana on Russian Grandmother style, the Babushka boy yelled,

“If you got a babushka, put that shit on right now!”


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Since then the Babushka trend continues to go on strong. One thing that still remains in question — how long will the fashion last? Comparing it to other fashionable headwear items like the du-rag this thing could last many lifetimes.

As we continue to tread strong through 2019, we’ll see if this Babushka trend will last. It’s already gotten gas from Rocky and his mob and Frank Ocean.


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ALL 😎’$

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Who else will have the “yaytsa” to step up to the plate and turn a Russian grandmother’s style into iconic fashion? The Migos maybe, or Aubrey.

Kanye West might even rock a MAGA Babushka for clout (we’re onto you Ye) in the next coming days. Regardless, let’s keep this Babushka thing going. It’s fly.

Peep the video for “Babushka Boi” here: