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What happens when NBA stars take on summer league pro-ams? Buckets.

We miss basketball.

The NBA offseason, which may indeed be more exciting than the actual season, has cooled down of late.

After the summer league and free agency, teams have stop wheeling and dealing and rosters are mostly set for the new season.

NBA schedules were released yesterday, so I guess you can quench your basketball thirst by seeing when your team will be washed by the Warriors.

But in the meantime, we took the time to go back and look at the greatest moments in summer league history. Not official NBA summer league, but the various offseason tournaments held throughout the country.

The great thing about these summer leagues, like the Drew League in LA or the Dyckman Summer League in uptown NYC, is that they usually pair some of the great NBA players in the world against talented street ballers that never made it pro.

So these leagues are devoid of set plays and defensive assignments, it’s really the most pure form of basketball there is.

In this way, we get to see some of the great scorers in the NBA just go off.

So there are some obvious names on this list. You got your standard Kobes, LeBrons, Hardens and KDs, but you also have some dudes whose game is perfectly catered to the streetball format.

Dudes like Will Barton and Jamal Crawford can score with the best of them, but their games are perhaps tempered by “game plans” and “defense” during the NBA season.

As the NBA continues to change and become more of an unbridled scoring league, we hope dudes are just routinely putting up 60 points like during these summer leagues.

October can’t come soon enough.