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What does graffiti artists geotagging their work mean for minted NFTs?

Artists are currently working to mint NFTs through geotagging. ioTex and FOAM are two brands revolutionizing the way artists and workplaces flow.

As technologies continue to advance, humans scramble to adapt. It is almost like the saying, “Humans make plans and God laughs,” in terms of inevitability.

Naturally, the market will take some dips and the volatility combined with environmental risk is much too high at the moment. With that being said, major investors are on board and diligently working to transition to a new proof-of-stake model that requires much less electrical energy consumption.

Location, visual and voice technology will reign supreme in the 21st century. Eventually, ease-of-access will triumph in every situation, from minted NFTs in ioTex to location processing in FOAM.

geotagging iotex nfts
Drop a pin, send your location (via Fakurian Design)

Currently, graffiti artists are beginning to mint NFTs via geotagging. Peep a few examples of companies working to solidify geotagged NFTs within the blockchain.

ioTex utilizes cloud-based consumption for the greater good with Pebble Go

ioT = the internet of things. ioTex has put together a device capable of recording and encrypting data. That way, minted NFTs and other technologies’ location, temperature, air quality, and motion can be monitored.

This could play a key role in healthcare as vaccination temperatures can be pristinely tracked throughout the duration of their journeys.

geotagging mint iotex nfts
Disestablishmentarianism – It is only a matter of time (via Fakurian Design)

The thoroughbred item that this company has ponied up major shekels for is called the Pebble Tracker. Reminiscent of Pokemon Go, Pebble Go provides proof-of-presence for shareholders without spoof locations.

FOAM serves at the forefront of resilient alternatives to current maps/location services

This company magnifies every issue and tackles it with ferocity. They hang their hat upon the fact that GPS is a dying medium. Eventually, all tracking and location services will exist within the blockchain.

Given this notion, FOAM represents the future of proof-of-location. It exists as an interdisciplinary workspace that works to support urban entrepreneurs through decentralization. 

GPS tracking is much too faulty, unreliable, and prone to hacking (via FOAM Whitepaper)

FOAM relies upon carbon-friendly verification layers at its core

Given the fact that it is latched upon the third-party gatekeeper, Ethereum, this company is already ahead of the eight ball. The reason being, Ethereum is based upon proof-of-stake and not proof-of-work processes.

“If the conception of legitimacy for NFTs can be pulled in a good direction, there is an opportunity to establish a solid channel of funding to artists, charities and others.”

ETH co-Founder Vitalik Buterin

Here are a few other tangible features FOAM has in the vault:

  • Heatmaps used to depict intensity of data
    • (intensity = staked value of a signal)
  • Radio beacon zones with virtual transport layers
  • Plasma operatives
  • Counter factual verification
  • Byzantine consensus & triangulated positional data

Minted NFT checkpoint validators signify less hacks/breaches, stronger privacy and peace of mind

Whether you like it, own it, comprehend it, or despise it – NFTs are quickly establishing permanence in our rapidly evolving society. Due to their non-invasive nature and reflection of independence, it is inevitable that the blockchain will eventually have us all linked up. 

After all – that is the goal, right? To deconstruct the long-broken centralized system of banking? Our system is much like Medusa and there are many snakes that need to be cut before the head can fall and grow new roots.

This color range signals intensity levels that render hotspots on a map (via Miro.Medium)

Being politically correct is overrated – as long as you make sure you were historically correct in the long run. Owning any stake of the decentralized banking system is a wonderful way to do so.

While these terms and phrases might sound foreign, it is good to familiarize yourself early on. Sooner or later, we will all understand ways to privately capture our own data and release it at our own discretion.

Until then, tune in and we will provide all the free game you need about the future! I come in peace, Earthlings!