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What does an HBCU homecoming sound like? TIDAL passes the aux

HBCU Homecoming

College football season is officially underway and for those looking to own the aux at their next tailgate or watch party, TIDAL released HBCU Homecoming, a centralized hub dedicated to the music, culture, and collegiate experiences at HBCU colleges across the country.

The playlists range by category to embrace the different aspects of HBCU life.

From Stroll and Step Songs with beats that get the intensity going, to Black Excellence which salutes the pioneers of past, present, and future, and Music Videos that are based on the energetic campus life of HBCUs, listeners will hear and feel the authenticity of these carefully curated playlists.

Y’all remember Drumline. Yeah, it’s all that energy but IRL.

HBCU Homecoming is one example of TIDAL showcasing its commitment to celebrating the different cultures that make us by highlighting their significance, influence, and contributions to the music we love.

The HBCU Anthems playlist

Including songs from the late DMX to songs that have become HBCU anthems by Wacka Flocka, these playlists do more than just set the scene for a perfect homecoming or tailgate party.

The Marching Band playlist

Bring the halftime heat to your dorm with this playlist compiled and curated to bring that drumline and HBCU marching band energy every time.

The Music Video playlist

Want more of a visual experience? TIDAL got chu. Bring HBCU throwback videos straight to the crib with this video playlist.

The Black Excellence playlist

Historically Black institutions of higher learning have always been known to breed and cultivate the brightest, most ambitious minds of the students who walk through their campuses.

Whether it’s a breakthrough in medicine, business, cinema, or every other discipline imagined; innovation and success are not foreign to HBCU alumni.

The Stroll and Step playlist

There’s nothing quite like a good Stroll and Step song to get the vibes going.

The House Party classics playlist

From Juvenile to Gucci Mane this HBCU homecoming playlist ensures to keep bodies moving.

The Essentials playlist pays homage to the perfect HBCU Homecoming

TIDAL has gone above and beyond to put together a complete curation of playlists focused on the musical contributions from some of the most notable HBCU alumni. (click here to access)

Run up your HBCU homecoming the right way!