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What are NYU students doing to shed light on recent events in Palestine?

Many student-led groups have been speaking up and raising awareness about the recent events and violence that have resulted from the ongoing destruction in Palestine.

Below are a collection of clubs through which New York University students have been taking action in advocating for peace and seeking support following the devastation in Palestine.

Students for Justice in Palestine

NYU Students for Justice in Palestine has been taking action against the horror of events taking place in Palestine. Just last week, they announced a protest that gathered a crowd of over 5,000 people in front of the Israeli consulate on New York’s 2nd Ave.

As well as showing solidarity and raising awareness, NYU’s Students for Justice in Palestine works to inform and educate others on the history of Palestine through social media, and participates in different panels held throughout the year.

A second protest took place last weekend in Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, which the NYU clubs below made sure to support and highlight as well.

Jewish Voice for Peace

At large, JVP is a community of activists advocating for Palestinian-Israeli peace.

Across the country, college students have come together through a network of campus chapters representing the organization. Often working together with Students for Justice with Palestine, they seek to raise awareness of the Israeli occupation of Palestine and amplify Jewish voices as well as cultivate the Jewish communities on college campuses.

At NYU, Jewish Voice for Peace continues to work towards “liberation and justice in Palestine.”

NYU Muslim Student Associations

NYU’s MSA has actively been sharing resources for providing support not only directly in Palestine, but even locally, by highlighting the protests taking place as well as emphasizing local businesses in the city.

NYU MSA is not the only Muslim student organization; it is sided by others such as the Muslim Students Association at the university’s Tandon School of Engineering (MSA Tandon).

The group has also been taking to Instagram to share a variety of pro-Palestine resources: charity funds, local businesses, fundraisers, and educational resources.

J Street U

J Street U, the student organizing arm of J Street (originally the political home for pro-Israel, pro-peace Americans), advocates for “vigorous and sustained” American leadership in aiding a two-state resolution to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict.

Standing by “Jewish and democratic values of justice, equality, tolerance, and peace,” J Street U at NYU is an NGO that remains driven towards political advocacy. It has also been virtually active on social media providing resources and guides for taking action in response to today’s events.

A student member explained that the group has been circulating petitions pushing for aid as well as advertising fundraisers. Meanwhile, the group seeks to turn this into fuel to campaign for progressive candidates in the NYC elections this year.

“Follow us to learn how to be involved with pro-Palestinian, pro-✌️ work, and taking progressive action in the US!!”


All these New York University students are advocating for peace in Palestine. They are also proving that actions can be taken even from afar, in the hope of bettering the tragic circumstances and results of this ongoing conflict.