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Whack ass survey says the ‘perfect body’ consists of only white people

If you don’t have Kim Kardashian’s breasts or Ryan Gosling’s torso it appears that you are a far from obtaining the ‘perfect body.’

FOH! The beauty is in the eye of the beholder, not some 1,000 person poll conducted by lingerie shop,

The lingerie shop thought it was a good idea to conduct this poll by interviewing 500 men and 500 women, according to TIME. Is that a large enough sample size to represent what people might think the perfect body looks like? I think not.

What makes matters even worse? Bluebella photoshopped images of different celebrity body parts creating four different super-celebrity body hybrids.

Warning: The depiction of other races was prohibited in this photoshop experiment. 



Good job Bluebella, helping men and women figure out what kind of body they need in order to be perfect. SIKE!

This is not OK and gives people false hope. Everyone is different and advertising what’s supposed to be the perfect body image shames those who have any other body type.

Hell, it could even effect someone’s mental health, body image, and self esteem.

To all of the young girls and boys out there, don’t pay attention to content like this. You are all gorgeous no matter what shape you are. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS THE ‘PERFECT BODY’.

I guess Bluebella didn’t peep the backlash Victoria Secret got after releasing their ad bearing the slogan “The Perfect Body.”

Back in 2014, the lingerie company had to pull the ad after a petition was started. The petition, which requested Victoria’s Secret to apologize and change the campaign, received over 27,000 signatures.

Also underwear brand Dear Kate dragged Victoria’s Secret through the mud replying with a better ad and a better slogan. Peep.

Listen, we are supposed to be making moves towards a more accepting society. ‘Perfect Body’ polls like this are nothing but a step backwards.

C’mon, during these trying times everyone’s only focus should be to push the culture forward.

Don’t get G’d by the Photoshop.