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Were these 5 trending internet challenges really that important?

It seems Americans are always wrapped up in the latest trending internet challenges. But what other problems were we ignoring as we engaged in these “not really” fun vibes?

We’ve compiled a list of five trending internet challenges that have hit the web over the last two decades that have distracted us from real-world problems.

1. The infamous Crate Challenge trend

One of the most prominent viral trends of the Summer of 2021 is known as the Crate Challenge and involves forming a makeshift staircase from milk crates and attempting to climb them.

As one can imagine, this action has proven time and time again to be contributable to nothing but injuries to those who attempt it.

This challenge found itself to become viral at a time when our focus and support should primarily be directed to the civilians of Afghanistan, who are once again suffering the consequences of the Taliban’s control of power.

2. We’ll always remember the Tide pod Challenge… SMFH

The infamous Tide Pod challenge was at its peak in early 2018 as children were being dared to consume pods filled with toxic laundry detergent. This can lead to incredibly dangerous consequences, such as breathing difficulties, vomiting, loss of consciousness, seizures, or potentially even fatality.

While the younger demographic of America were pressured to gamble with their health, many others around the world were exposed against their will to life-threatening situations.

Some notable political occurrences that stood in stark contrast to the consensual nature of the Tide Pod challenge include the American immigration crisis, the ongoing conflict in Syria, and the #MeToo movement.

3. Are plumper lips really that important?

The Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge was attempted in high volume around 2015 for the purpose of altering one’s lips to resemble Jenner’s by becoming plumper after sucking the air out of a shot glass.

Not only was this challenge harmful to the self-esteem of all young children who were exposed to it and subsequently attempted it, but the challenge posed many physical risks as well.

For instance, the shot glass is placed under immense pressure and may break, exposing those who are affected to broken glass. Regardless of the materials used to attempt this challenge, one would be vulnerable to bruising and swelling that could potentially lead to unwanted permanent results.

4. Why did dry heaving on cinnamon changed the world?

The Cinnamon Challenge is yet another internet trend that poses more harm than good to all those who attempt it.

The challenge has been in circulation as early as 2001 and involves swallowing an entire spoonful of cinnamon at once, which can lead to health risks such as choking or accidental inhalation.

The challenge found itself at maximum popularity around January 2012, which was around the same time as current events that should have been given more news exposure, such as intensified protests in Syria following a recent attack on the capital.

5. The Chubby Bunny Challenge, tho?

The Chubby Bunny challenge was at the height of its popularity in early 2012. The trending internet challenge involves attempting to place as many marshmallows as possible in one’s mouth.

Not only is this game dangerous as it leads to choking hazards, but it is in bad taste when one considers the amount of food that is wasted in its attempts as there are and have been many struggling to obtain food all around the globe.

This again was given much attention at a time when Syria should have been at the forefront of our media.