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We sick: 3 ways the Net Neutrality repeal will peace the internet

This will probably be the last time you hear from me if net neutrality is repealed today. The FCC vote threatens Americans’ entrepreneurship, free speech, and innovation.

It might also be the last time you will be able to afford anything you have come to love on the internet for the past 20 years.

Issa wrap for infinitely scrolling through your IG feed, getting sucked into the Twitter vortex, and aimlessly liking statuses on Facebook. That’s not all.

Small internet businesses are at risk as low prices to run a site will surge to expensive fees and streaming will become more difficult.

No more instant gratification unless you’re willing to pay for it. To explain things better here is Bernie Sanders telling us what will happen if #NetNeutrality is repealed.

Listen to Bernie…

It’s a wrap for startups

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Speed does matter on the web. The faster your site is the more you will see frequent visitors. This is just startup 101. If the net neutrality repeal does succeed this will mean that there will be paid prioritization.

Thus, only websites with the capital to afford faster server lanes will succeed. Startups usually begin with zero funds. Ryan Singel from Wired gave us the perfect example of how fucked small internet businesses really are if net neutrality is repealed.

“Fast lanes will make it harder for startups to compete. Incumbents will pay for fast lanes just so their upstart competitors have to as well, a clever way of making younger companies burn through their resources. If startups can’t afford to pay, their businesses will grow slowly due to their services’ poor performance—a situation beyond their control. Either way, incumbents win and startups lose.”

Look at it this way, it’s like you owned a small convenience store in a very small neighborhood and then a Walmart came thru.

The music industry is peaced

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To all of those artists that found fame through free streaming, all of your successors will probably never make it. They will fail because music fans will not have free access to their music like they did yours.

Think about it. How will new artists gain clout? It’s not like musicians make racks off of record sales anymore. In this new age, it’s not about the physical record sales. We know that all artists mostly make bread from merchandising and touring.

If the fans don’t have unlimited access to the music, how will they put fans into seats at their shows? They won’t. Americana singer-songwriter Cory Branan explained it the best in an interview with Rolling Stone,

“Some fans and all musicians know that record sales have never been the largest part of a musician’s income. Traditionally it’s touring and [merchandise sales]and, since the hard copy was smashed to pixels, or the audio equivalent, in the early 2000s, the streaming model that arose, has continually devalued those pixels. The upside, at least theoretically, is that an independent artist or label has the potential for unlimited digital exposure. Anyone anywhere can stream, and that can put asses in seats when we tour through town.”

Kiss unlimited streaming goodbye

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After the FCC net neutrality vote, expect your internet to not be as accessible as it used to be. There will be specific packages that will be provided regarding your internet usage.

No more internet packages that give you access to the whole world wide web. The FCC will become the gatekeepers deciding what we do and don’t take in.

You’d probably have to choose between a choice of streaming options. Look at it like a selection of exclusive packages like you have with your cable-tv provider. That is whack AF. The NBA Streams Reddit page explained it best,

“Let’s say you buy a pencil. That pencil costs 10p. Comcast says they should be allowed to charge you 12p if you’re using it to draw straight lines, 15p if you’re using it to draw animals, 20p if you’re using it to draw houses, and specifically prohibit you from drawing circles. We say fuck you, we bought that pencil for 10p, and we’re gonna draw as many damn circles as we want with it.”

What can you do to stop this unconstitutional fuckery?

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You need to contact your House Representative and Senator, telling them why the FCC shouldn’t repeal net neutrality. That’s not all, you can also write to the FCC and comment on the repeal. 

If you are mobile, hit up the resist bot, which faxes a letter to your Senator(s) or House Representative vis SMS text message.

WATCH IT ALL GO DOWN LIVE HERE. A wise man once said, “The FCC won’t let me be.”